Dreamscheme project to create community art panels for alleyways

Bradley Stoke Dreamscheme 'graffiti art' project (summer 2012).

Southern Brooks Community Partnership says there are still a few vacancies for young people aged 8 to 16 to take part in a community project on Thursday and Friday this week (25th/26th October).

The latest Bradley Stoke Dreamscheme project will see the youngsters create community art that, once complete, will be placed along public alleyways in the Jordan Walk area.

The Dreamscheme programme is a youth volunteering scheme that gets young people involved in their community and rewards them with points that can be used for trips or rewards.

WORK = POINTS = REWARDS (1 hour = 10 points)

Dreamscheme youth volunteering scheme.

Reward activities have included swimming, bowling, cinema, pizza meals, games in the park and horse riding.

Anyone wishing to take part is invited to contact Winsome Barrett-Muir of Southern Brooks Community Partnership on 01454 868570.

An earlier Dreamscheme scheme carried out over the summer saw 18 young people design and paint a set of seven  ‘graffiti art’ panels for installation at Bradley Stoke Skate Park. The scheme received funding from Bradley Stoke Town Council and Knightstone Housing.

Community graffiti artists worked with the youngsters to help them design the artwork, create stencils and spray paint the panels.

Designs chosen by the youngsters included a boom box, a mad professor, an evil bin and a tree with handprints as leaves.

It is hoped that South Gloucestershire Council’s Streetcare department will be able to treat the panels with an ‘anti-graffiti’ wax coating to counter vandalism by taggers.

More photos of the summer Dreamscheme project on PicasaWeb.

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