[Forum] Too many drivers ignoring speed limit at Willow Brook Centre

Car park at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

I sat waiting in the car at the far end of the car park at Willow Brook Centre this lunch time. Hubby took the trolley back. The number of cars that were ignoring the 10mph speed limit was worrying. One woman in a small silver car went past revving her engine very loud, just looking to the side.

Made me wonder that now the car park will be busier with pedestrians, how long before some one gets seriously injured, with a life changing injury?


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  1. This is private property not a public road, therefore as far as I am aware you cannot legally enforce a speed limit. Speed limits can only be legal on adopted road. The same is true of other road laws. The 10mph signs are irrelevent.

  2. The entire design of the car park is a disaster, the diagonal layout of the rows relative to the shops coupled with the planted, high kerbed strips means it’s impossible to get to/from a car without avoiding having to walk in the road.

    How this was ever given planning permission is beyond me but I long ago gave up with SGC having capable planners so it’s not a surprise that the Willow Brook ended up the way it is.

    With regards to the “speed limit”, 10mph is just ridiculous.

  3. After driving over all the shattering speed humps into the Willow Brook Center I am surprised anyone can go more than 10 mph. Maybe they should put less damaging humps in and then we would not get the urge to make up time..

  4. One of my (many) hobbyhorses I’m afraid. I am constantly amazed at the stupidity of speeding motorists in car parks….what I do find however is that if I push my trolley in their direction they seem to worry more about contact with a piece of metal then they do a mere human and slow down accordingly.


  5. My young children cross the zebra crossing near the Car Wash. Even if a car on the inside lane slows down, there are idiots who have are in a rush in the middle lane. It is an accident to waiting to happen unless drivers slow down.

  6. @shell

    I agree with Steve here. The speed limit is not always in question, there are numerous zebra crossings throughout the area which are to be adhered to by law, living in the area for 4 years has taught me that 8/10 times a car will not come to a stop at a zebra crossing, and 5/10 times will not even slow down. I have lost count of the times that I or someone I have seen crossing has nearly been struck by an impatient or traffic ignorant driver who is in a hurry to get in or out of the center. I’ve yet to see a speed hump cause a car damage, granted you have to crawl over them to avoid such but that is why they are there. Of course they will damage your car if you drive over them at regular cruising speeds 😛

  7. Nearly hit again this Saturday in the car park. Myself in front, hubby and two other ladies all going across on the pedestrian crossing when some silly woman comes into the car park and looking left for a space rather than in front just managed to jam her brakes on before she hit me.

    From the look on her face you could see it was my fault that I was in the middle of the road even if it was on the crossing. I, it seems was very much in the wrong.