Bradley Stoke gridlocked again as lorry overturns on M5

Traffic at a standstill on Bradley Stoke Way, near the Willow Brook Centre.

Traffic in Bradley Stoke was gridlocked once again tonight, with a solid  line of vehicles down the entire length of Bradley Stoke Way (southbound) and queues starting just before the Willow Brook Centre in the other direction.

In contrast to previous days when the congestion resulted from road closures caused by flooding, tonight’s gridlock is understood to be a result of problems on the local motorways.

A spokesperson for the construction company working on the M4/M5 managed motorway scheme said:

“Earlier this afternoon (Friday 23rd) a heavy goods vehicle overturned on the M5 northbound between junction 16 and the M5/M4 merge, blocking this section of carriageway entirely.”

The delays could extend well into the night as it is planned to close the motorway later this evening.

The spokesperson added:

“After peak traffic time – approximately 8pm – the M5 northbound between junctions 16 and 15 will be closed so that the HGV can be lifted by a crane off the carriageway, and as soon as this has been completed the motorway will be reopened.”

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  1. I normally travel to/from work by bus, good for sleeping/reading, but the past week has been a nightmare.

    My typical journey time is 30 minutes, but this week my average return journey is over 90 minutes, including the wait of scheduled buses not turning up.

    This evening I only had to wait 30 minutes until X73 arrived (73+74 did not turn up in town) and then had a 1 hour journey.

    However, many people at the Horsefair had been waiting 90 (from 15:30) minutes until the first 73/74/X73 arrived at 17:00.

    Why can’t First Bus have resheduled other other buses to cover this gap in their service?

  2. I left work to get the 74 bus just past 4.05 on the centre. There were no 73s or 74s until just before 5.

    I phoned nobus, sorry firstbus, and was told they had been stuck in traffic all afternoon.

    So in theory a 74 or 73 should have turned up sometime near 4 having crawled down the road. The x73 and a 74 turned up within minutes of one another followed by a 73. If they had departed at intervals and were all stuck in the same traffic how did they manage to arrive at the bus stop almost together.

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