Protecting our prickly neighbours

Hedgehog on the pavement near Manor Farm Roundabout, Bradley Stoke.

Just as hedgehogs are preparing to go into hibernation for the coldest months of the year, local residents have reported numerous sightings of the harmless, prickly creatures. It’s not unusual to see these nocturnal animals foraging for food in your garden after dark, but recent reports made by residents to local wildlife organisations involve hedgehogs being spotted during daylight hours, and in some cases they have been seen near roads such as Brook Way and the Savages Wood roundabout. In such positions, hedgehogs are at risk of being run over by traffic, or left in a difficult environment where they cannot build nests.

Being rich in wildlife, with various walkways and nature reserves, Bradley Stoke has a high number of hedgehogs. The delicate balance between human affairs, such as travelling and gardening, and the maintenance of local wildlife, is a responsibility that residents care deeply about.

The local area has a number of avenues through which residents can help hedgehogs that are in need. The Hedgehog Rescue team has a representative in Bradley Stoke, Mary Sinclair, who informs us that “at this time of year, any hedgehog out in daylight, or injured or appearing to be under 600g, is going to need rescuing”.

Aside from obvious threats such as roads and injuries, hedgehogs should not usually be seen in the daytime, and any hedgehog under a weight of 600g would need extra support to get through hibernation.

If you see a hedgehog that appears to be in these precarious situations, the team at Hedgehog Rescue encourages you to contact them. The local Facebook page, ‘Hedgehog Rescue Bradley Stoke’, provides updates on how the rescued creatures are doing.

The main website for the regional Hedgehog Rescue team is Additionally, if you would like to help hedgehogs in your own garden, Mary recommends looking at the ‘Hedgehog Street‘ website.

Photo: Hedgehog on the pavement near the Manor Farm roundabout.

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