Mayor ‘inaugurates’ new community choir

Inauguration of the Bradley Stoke Community Singers by the Mayor.

Carol Baker reports on the progress of the town’s new community choir.

In September 2012, members of the public attended a singing event at Bradley Stoke Community School where they learnt four songs and then presented a concert. The event went so well, it was suggested they start up their own Bradley Stoke community choir.

Chairperson Carol Baker and Membership Manager Karen Jones contacted everyone who expressed an interest, arranging a meeting agreeing on their name, ethos of “in the community for the community”, for all ages and abilities and free to everyone.

Already 82 members strong, they are privileged to have people of such a high calibre as Musical Director Angela Kewley, Creative Director Emma Rogers and Pianist Robin Fry on board.

Their first performance was Meadowbrook School, recorded by Bradley Stoke Community Radio. Mayor of Bradley Stoke Charlotte Walker inaugurated the Bradley Stoke Community Singers in the town centre on Thursday 12th December where they again performed to the public. Both events were a great success.

Rehearsals are in the school hall provided free of charge, enabling everyone the opportunity to participate. In return they will raise funds at events for the PTA. New members are welcome, rehearsals are on most Tuesday evenings in term time from 7:15pm to 9pm.

Photo: Town Mayor Cllr Charlotte Walker (left) ‘inaugurates’ the new choir in the Town Square at the Willow Brook Centre.

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