Biker jailed for speeding that led to Bradley Stoke Way accident

Accident on Bradley Stoke Way.

A motorcyclist has been jailed for 14 months after being pleading guilty to dangerous driving on Bradley Stoke Way, resulting in an accident that saw a 13-year school student suffer “catastrophic” injuries, reports the Bristol Post.

Bristol Crown Court heard that Ross Warren, 44, of Foxborough Gardens, Bradley Stoke, was seen to be going “stupidly fast” before smashing his powerful Honda CB1300 bike into Ben Thompson, who was riding a push-along scooter over an informal crossing point near the Willow Brook Centre on the afternoon of Friday 30th September last year.

The court heard the youngster suffered horrendous injuries, including partial paralysis, and is still in Frenchay Hospital today, 15 months after the collision.

One expert witness estimated that Warren was travelling at up to 89.5mph prior to the crash, which occurred on a section of the road where a 40mph speed limit applied.

Warren was also banned from driving for six years and ordered to take an extended driving test before taking to the road again.

Bradley Stoke Way road safety petition launch.The incident (and an earlier one in February 2011) triggered a petition for improved pedestrian safety measures on Bradley Stoke Way that was signed by 3,932 people. South Gloucestershire Council has since installed a new Toucan crossing and extended the 30mph zone.

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  1. I was keeping an open mind on this, being a biker, until the results were published, but now agree that it was the biker’s fault.

    However, I think the author needs to keep a lid on his hyperbole. “Smashing his Powerful Honda” are emotive words that unfairly cast a shadow on all riders of larger bikes and is unwelcome and unwarranted in a publication that purports to be a news journal – it should remain impartial.

    My thoughts remain with the victim of this, the cyclist.

  2. Being a mother and longtime partner of a biker, my sympathies lie with the lad and family involved. The biker chose to drive at that speed and to ignore the limit so suffered the consequences which in my mind is nowhere enough compared to spending a life in a wheelchair! The lad didnt have a chance or the choice!!!

  3. Gosh, like Ian I was trying to keep an open mind, there can be fews words to help the boy or his family.
    My thoughts are with them.

  4. I too, was trying to keep an open mind, and was one of the people who called for a investigation before we should hang, draw and quarter the biker in this case, as recently highlighted, trial by public/media can have horrendous consequences;

    I am horrified at the findings and distressed to hear that the child is still in hospital after all this time.

    We car drivers are asked to Think Bike on roundabouts and country roads (rightly so) – maybe ALL drivers (car and bike) should also be asked to Think Child in residential areas.

    My thoughts are with the boy and his family.

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