Leisure Centre prices up by 4% after Council cuts funding

Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre and Library.

Above inflation price increases have been introduced at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre following a 12-week consultation in which customers were asked to choose between a range of options for adjusting prices in response to reduced funding from South Gloucestershire Council (SGC).

Circadian Trust, the non-profit company that operates leisure services on behalf of SGC, has introduced an across-the-board increase for all non-concessions of around 4%, calculated as 1% above the Retail Price Index (RPI). A further increase of RPI + 1% will be made in January 2014.

Age-related and student concessionaries will receive a discount of up to 35% for most activities (previously up to 50% for some activities), whilst means tested and registered disabled concessionaries will continue to receive the highest discount level of up to 50%.

The age at which senior citizens become eligible for concessions, previously set at 60 for both men and women, will in future mirror the state pension age, although anyone between the age of 60 and 65 who previously received the concessionary rate will continue to be eligible for it. The Trust will still run classes for over 60s.

The Trust says the pricing structure amendment is necessary to help protect and continue to invest in the quality of facilities and wellbeing programmes provided across the region.

Mark Crutchley, Chief Executive of Circadian Trust, said:

“Our aim through this consultation is to ensure that we provide fairly priced leisure centres and services for all of our customers. This includes a reasonable and consistent discounted pricing system for people who need it.”

“The results of the consultation were finely balanced between reducing the level of concessionary discounts to mirror the national average and taking a combined approach with raising our standard pricing.”

“We have, therefore, decided to take a combined approach and, as a charitable business that reinvests all profits back into the facilities and services we deliver, we believe this is the best way forward.”

In line with Government policy to keep young people in education for longer, the Trust will also be increasing the length of time students are eligible for discounts. From 1st September 2013 juniors will receive a student discount up to the age of 17 years. From 1st September 2014, this will increase to age 18 years.

More information: Consultation Report (SGC) [PDF, 3.7MB]

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  1. Funny how axing a few managers didn’t appear as an option on the consultation questionnaire.

    Also, can’t help wondering how much it cost for experts to produce that 59-page analysis of a consultation that attracted just 571 responses from the whole of South Gloucestershire.

  2. Will I’m paid up until May this year. I hope this means they aren’t going to turn around now and say I have to pay more on top of what I have already paid.

  3. So a 24 hour gym opens over the road and the response is to raise their prices? Doesn’t take the greatest businessman in the world to see how that doesn’t quite add up.

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