Bradley Stoke processing plant named in horsemeat scandal

The Greecore food processing plant in Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

A food processing plant in Bradley Stoke has been named as the source of a fresh beef product withdrawn by a national supermarket chain following the detection of traces of equine DNA in a screening test.

Asda 'Chosen by You' Beef Bolognese Sauce.

The ‘Chosen By You’ 350g Beef Bolognese Sauce that Asda has removed from its shelves is produced at the Greencore factory in Hawkley Drive, off Woodlands Lane [map].

Concerns about horsemeat in processed beef products first came to light on 15th January and until now recalls by supermarkets have involved only frozen products.

The Asda sauce product contained meat that was supplied to Greencore by an ABP Food plant in Tipperary Ireland. The company says it is working with ABP to carry out further tests to determine the extent of the equine DNA.

As a precaution, Asda is also withdrawing three other beef-based own-label products that are also produced by Greencore: its 600g Beef Broth Soup; 500g Meat Feast Pasta Sauce and 400g Chilli Con Carne Soup.

It is understood that Greencore also makes sauces and meals for a number of other supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s and the Co-op.

A press statement put out by Greencore said:

“Greencore is committed to maintaining the highest standards of food safety and food traceability, and is therefore extremely concerned that the quality of one of its products may have been compromised in this way. The company is participating in full with the intensive industry testing programme to examine the full supply chain in order to restore consumer confidence.”

Lorries wait in line outside the Greencore food processing plant.

Photo: Lorries wait in line outside the Greencore food processing plant in Hawkley Drive, Bradley Stoke.

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  1. a) I’ve never heard of Greencore before and I’ve been living in Bradley Stoke for 24 years.
    b) I get the feeling that they will find Horse DNA in many more places.
    c) Am I bothered that I may have eaten horse……no.

  2. Many employes there knew of the beef source soon after the initial reports on the news. But you know these profit hungry companies, treat the staff like cattle, push out production, deal with issues later…

  3. Horse meat so what!

    Thing I get annoyed about is paying beef prices for horse meat and although all meat contains some chemicals what chemicals does the horse meat have.

    Would be nice to know is it was a trace of horse meat (sloppy cleaning) or more.

  4. Well Monx…Horse meat can contain, and has been found to contain Phenylbutazone, otherwise known as Bute. It is an anti-inflammatory drug painkiller for animals that was banned for use in humans as it can cause suppression of white blood cell production and aplastic anemia.

    So yea, I have joked recently about the horse meat and dismissed it, but it kidna is quite a serious matter, potentially. And if you’ve read the news at all the reports have found the content varies from supplier to supplier, from trace right up to >90%.

  5. Phenylbutazone is still used as a drug for humans (Arthritis etc). The very small doses found in the horse meat would not cause any harm. You would have to eat 200 or so burgers to get one tablets worth.

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