Town council moves to resolve Brook Way car parking issues

The car park at Brook Way Activity Centre and Bradley Stoke Surgery.

The number of car parking spaces available to staff and patients at Bradley Stoke Surgery could be significantly reduced after Bradley Stoke Town Council (BSTC) announced it is exploring ways of reserving spaces for users of the adjacent Brook Way Activity Centre.

According to a report presented to this month’s Full Council meeting, 23 of the 48 spaces at the site are nominally allocated to the activity centre but at some times of the day all the spaces are being occupied by staff and patients of the surgery.

Eight spaces on the surgery side were lost when the practice was extended in 2010, but at that time the activity centre was reserved exclusively for use by the Brook Way Youth Club, meaning that there was little demand for car parking from centre users during the day. However, with the youth club having been shut down, the town council has once again been letting out rooms to day time users, leading to pressure on parking provision at the site.

Councillors were told that, on occasions, both sides of the driveway into the car park have also been occupied with cars parked up against the kerbs (and on the grass verges), meaning that only a single flow of traffic is possible in and out of the site.

BSTC officers expressed concern that when both sides of the driveway are being used for parking, an ambulance or other emergency vehicle would not be able to gain access to the site.

Management at the surgery are said to understand the council’s “predicament” and share concerns about emergency services potentially not being able to access the site at some times of the day.

Options being considered include the possibility of installing a gate across the activity centre side of the car park to allow BSTC site staff to manage the car parking situation, allowing all activity centre users to park at their expected arrival times.

The possibility of extending the car park on the surgery side of the site was also discussed by councillors.

Councillors agreed that a formal letter would be sent to the partners at Bradley Stoke Surgery, asking them to consider providing a financial contribution to the cost of improving car parking facilities.

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Photo: Brook Way Youth Club, previously sole users of the activity centre.

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  1. Apart, of course, for those people too old or young or not physically able to cycle. What a spectacularly stupid, narrow minded comment from MH.

  2. Now … did Bradley Stoke Town Council support or oppose the plans which saw the eight spaces go in favour of an expanded centre?

    I just can’t remember …….

  3. there are only 2 disablwd spaces on the surgery side and you have a large van and.people park either side you wont be able to get to the surgery. how many site staff are there anyway at the centre?

  4. also if you are ill why would you want/be able to walk cycle to the doctors. queueing oitside at 8am is silly enough

  5. Cycling to the doctors isn’t crazy. The single bike stand at Concorde Medical seems to be very well used. Not everyone who attends the surgery will be so unwell as to incapacitate them and some will be able to walk or cycle.

    Of course the comment could have referred to the staff getting to work in some way other than by car. Which is reasonable.

  6. Thanks for stating the obvious MH. The drive way into the centre is pretty large with grass all around. Just expand the car park, job done. Also there is a large paved area outside the surgery. Expand carpark here too.

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