[Forum] Nail in tyre – vandals at work again?

MOT sign.

Has anyone else had a large nail hammered into their car tyre?

I just had my tyres replaced as they were due only to find out during my MOT I had a huge nail in the centre of my front tyre.

I know this has previously been a problem a few years ago.

I would encourage local residents to check their cars.


[Previous story in The Journal: Police seek witnesses after car vandals put lives at risk]

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  1. I’ve just had 2 new tyres on my car, one kept going down & the other went flat on the motorway, so had to have that replaced, I took my car back to the depot who fitted them so they could look at the remaining one & they told me there was a nail in it, I just assumed it was bad luck & I’d reversed over some nails, now I’m not so sure.

  2. We had a shiney new screw in one of our back tyres 2 weeks ago right through the tread. We also thought it to be bad luck but now i’m thinking there may be vandals in action in bradley stoke