MP moves constituency office to the Willow Brook Centre

Jack Lopresti, MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke.

Jack Lopresti, Member of Parliament for the Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency, has moved his local base to the Willow Brook Centre in Bradley Stoke.

Announcing the move, Mr Lopresti said:

“I’ve always wanted to have my local base here. It’s at the heart of the Bradley Stoke community and fairly central to the whole constituency. There are excellent public transport links. The 74 and 13 buses stop outside. There is plenty of parking and other local amenities.”

“I represent and work for the people of Filton and Bradley Stoke, as well as the communities of Almondsbury, Downend, Easter Compton, Frenchay, Hallen, Hambrook, Little Stoke, Patchway, Pilning, Severn Beach, Staple Hill, Stoke Gifford, Stoke Lodge, Stoke Park and Winterbourne.”

“I hold weekly surgeries in a different part of the constituency every week and my office is open 9-5. You do not need an appointment to come and see me or my team at the Willow Brook Centre and Liz, the office manager, and Mike, our caseworker, will be happy to help.”

Manager of the Willow Brook Centre, Scott Lahive, said:

“We’re very pleased that Jack and his team will be based here. They will make a great addition to the centre and it will be appreciated by the local community.”

Mr Lopresti’s new office is located in Unit 2b (1st Floor Offices East). The telephone number is 01454 617783.

The MP’s office was previously based at The Courtyard, in north Bradley Stoke.

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  1. Found this in a journal article from 2010, for the grand opening of Mr Lopresti’s previous office:

    “The MP is understood to have initially sought an office at Bradley Stoke’s Willow Brook Centre, but had to drop the plan because the rents asked exceeded his parliamentary allowance.”

    So has Willowbrook dropped its rents or is Mr Lopresti on a higher allowance now?

  2. Maybe the Bradley Stoke Journal could find out why he suddenly changed one of his Member’s Register’s entries? Because Private Eye started asking questions maybe?

    It appears he had an all expenses paid trip to meet the Saudi Government. One of his group admitted it was to help UK Arms Exports, but Mr. Lopresti initially made out he was meeting human rights groups. He was rumbled by Private Eye and has now changed his entry. So why did he feel the need to lie in the first place?

    I’d prefer it if our MPs worked on behalf of their constituents, instead of going on jollies:

    What exactly was this trip in aid of? Why was Mr. Lopresti involved? Why did he feel it necessary to change his entry regarding it? Did he meet Human Rights groups? If not, then why did he say he did?

  3. Interesting BD. you raise some good questions which require answers. Sadly, it’s fair to say he won’t dare respond..

    Looks like someone is preparing for a post-Westminster career. Starting in May 2015 when the electorate pay him back for the treachery over not standing up for us when it came to stopping housing developments.

  4. So if he’s moving closer will he still NOT help or do any thing for anyone and get paid for having little trips around the world???

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