Police investigate “unexplained death” at Three Brooks lake

Police attend an incident at the Three Brooks lake in Bradley Stoke.

Police have sealed off an area on the north side of the “duck pond” in Bradley Stoke’s Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve and a Crime Scene Investigation unit is at the scene, following the discovery of a body earlier today.

At midday, a total of ten police vehicles were parked at the lake or in nearby Juniper Way, where an ambulance was also seen.

During the morning, the police helicopter made several passes over the town, focusing on the area above the nature reserve.

A police spokesperson told The Journal:

“We received a call from a member of the public at around 10.30 this morning (Tuesday 2nd July), following the discovery of a body of a man.”

“Officers are in attendance and a cordon has been put into place.”

“The death is currently being treated as unexplained.”

UPDATE (Tue 3rd July, 9.25am): Police say they are waiting to hear the results of a post mortem examination, due to take place today. No further information about the circumstances of the death has been released.

UPDATE (Tue 3rd July, 4.15pm): Police statement: “The post mortem has been completed and has not identified a cause of death, however at this stage we do not believe it to be suspicious.”

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  1. Poor guy…shocking for Bradley Stoke! Was just about to walk my dog down there, didn’t have a clue this was going on this morning. Sure we will find out more details later, but thoughts with the guy whose lost his life and his family.

  2. My sentiments exactly, that is someone’s son, I just hope to god it is not a murder…..I walk those woods every day.

  3. Perhaps it is time us ladies walked our dogs together of an evening? I too walk here every evening, albeit early evening mostly.

  4. Perhaps we should wait and find out what happened before we start worrying about walking alone. Whatever happened, my thoughts are with his family and I hope he is now at peace x

  5. I walk my dogs around there often, up on the tumps and through the woods…. Only on one occasion have I felt uneasy but then I have a huge dog! Happy to join a ladies dog walking club but lets wait for the full details to come out. Once again thoughts with guy who’s lost his life and family.

  6. Makes me laugh a body has been found and all people are worried about is walking there bloody dogs!! Have abit of respect for this man and his family!

  7. I agree with BS Res, we do not know what happened here yet. Let’s not jump to conclusions and worry ourselves.
    It is very sad and worrying though, as I used to come here all the time when I was little and lived on Kemperley Way. It’s a place I associate with happy memories and bike rides with my brother, I hope this was an accident and not a murder, I’d hate for my opinion of it to change.
    Thoughts are with the family of the man, I hope this is solved soon.

  8. At 4.15pm, the incident scene remains cordoned off. Access to “the tump” (hill beside the lake) is also closed.

  9. Sarah…. I really don’t think that this is an appropriate time to start an argument so I won’t but people do use that area on a regular basis to walk dogs it’s obvious it’s going to be a concern for everyone that uses the area especially as this sort of thing to my knowledge has never happens in Bradley Stoke. I’m a “dog walker” but my main concern obviously at the moment is for the poor chap who has died and waiting for the full details and facts to be released by the police.

  10. my first thought is that it could be a suicide, as I remember a suicide down there a few years back, but don’t recall seeing it on the news or in papers.

  11. A number of comments that appear to be pure speculation about what has happened today have been held in the moderation queue, pending a further statement from the police.

  12. Wow when i read this i was in horror i always ride my bikes with my friends i just hope his family get a explanation! my greatest respect!!! xxxx 😉

  13. I see the scaremongers are out in force again!!! Can’t wait to get more information on what has happened before making judgements and talking rubbish.

    There is no need to go scaring parents with little kids, older residents etc. It is most probably something totally innocent. A poor lad committed suicide in the area not long ago.

    Just wish the family of the poor person condolences and leave it at that.

    My condolences to the family of this poor person. No matter what the circumstances support is there for you.

  14. My sympathies to the family of this person and also the poor unexpecting person that found him! Must have been an awful shock! Am relieved though that school children didnt find the body as so many use the area as a short cut to school. Lets hope the police can quickly clear up any speculations. R.I.P to the gentleman.

  15. I feel for the family & also the safety of all…I rode passed 2 men this morning (2.7) around 8sm..one just had his eyes open & other face down in the grass…this was by the gap by the carriage way (opposite tesco) ..
    I hope they are safe and it was a drunken night out and had nothing to do with this incident.

    Thoughts go our to his family

  16. There have been more than 60 comments on two related posts on our Facebook page:



    Please note that everything apart from the official police statement may just be hearsay.

    If you have first-hand information which you feel may be valuable to the police, contact them on 101 or via Crimestoppers.

  17. @emma, It’s unlikely there will be any further information released by the police until tomorrow. Any updates we get will be appended to this story.

  18. Emma….try reading the comments on the Facebook links put up by the editor…I think by reading them you will get what’s possibly happened but again it’s all hearsay until the official statement from the police. Maybe they are trying to contact the man’s family before releasing any info to the public, but as a community we are bound to be concerned.

  19. I came home and found a van marked something like ‘personal ambulance’ parked in Juniper Way at the entrance to the area. A guy came up to me from the van and asked me how to get to the incident as he couldn’t find it.


  20. When 1 was 9/10 i went on bike rides with my mum or dad. But now im just scared to go down there by my self. Also i feel so sorry for the family.

  21. I walked around the lake and up into the wood and field above and behind the wood monday 7pm (not the mound). I was photographing the local wildlife as I often do. I walked about halfway into the wood but saw nothing suspicious.

  22. Really shocked at what I have been reading so far as far as comments on here and the 2 facebook links above.
    Something extremely tragic has happened and everyone is out to get gossip.
    The police may not release another statement if they cannot determine cause of death. Whether they feel the need to share that with the press is another thing.
    Just really disgusted with what I have been reading, is there no longer such a thing as RESPECT?

  23. I also went past the chap face down in the grass near the gap in the carriageway (opposite Tesco) taking my son to school.Was told by someone that the police were on their way.My son and i were both quite shaken as we had no idea if he was alive or not,but as i walked back through there was at least 1 policeman and 1 paramedic with him and he was sat up,so hopefully they sorted him and the incident at the duck pond is unrelated.

  24. Mel….Please can I ask which comments you are disgusted with on here?? From what I can see the majority have shown the utmost respect and sympathy….we live in a world of free speech and after several reports of men behaving strangely and in positions of collapse, and then unfortunately a body being found… I’M SORRY BUT IT’S HUMAN NATURE that people will talk about it and be concerned especially as we don’t yet know the full circumstances, surely our comments would not have got past the moderator if they had been offensive?? I find your comment and another previously to suggest that I amongst others have shown a lack of respect to be extremely insulting.

  25. Let’s not forget that people are not entitled to a constant stream of information from the police. This isn’t some trash reality TV show. When police have some information we need to know they will tell us. Until then everyone should go back to work and mind their own business!

  26. Mh

    Mind their own business hahaha wake up mate what a joke hahahaha

    If someone bin murdered 100 yards from my house i have a right to no its discusting the little information we bin given by the police.

    I live on Juniper way mate the police were all over yesterday was he stabbed? Raped ? strangled? is there a serial killer on the loose this is 100 yards from my front door mate we have every right to be told whats going on and now.

  27. Mel every one aint out to gossip!! i just want to no what the heck is happening outside my house love is it safe for my partner to walk round with the baby in a pram should we be keeping windows and doors locked at home for our safety who know’s. The police and they saying nothing grrrr

  28. Think the message from MH was unnecessary. It is very sad whatever happened yesterday and my condolences go to the family and friends of the poor man in question. I do however feel that as this happened within our community of Bradley Stoke that people should rightly be permitted to show an interest. As a parent I am patiently awaiting news from the police and hope some of the worries voiced in earlier posts are unfounded.

  29. I am quite shocked at some of the comments posted relating to this sad news. A poor family is currently going through hell after hearing that they have lost a loved one, and all people are worried about is that is it safe to walk their dog’s!!!!. We should not jump to conclusions that this is an act of crime. Let us not forget that Bradley Stoke is statisticaly a safe area to live and we should not forget that. All of our thoughts should be with the family.

  30. My condolences to the deceased family. I second what Ivor has said. In addition despite being a local resident i was frightened to receive a text message at 3pm from my child’s school being advised to collect my child from school due to a police incident at the duck pond! It is annoying we do not need any details etc however we are within our rights to know if we or our children are at risk . I angry and rightly so.

  31. I can’t help that there is a great over reaction here. Yes the loss of life is sad and rather shocking for for our town, but if there was a risk to the public with a dangerous person on the loose suggested by evidence found at the scene then the police would’ve already said.

    It’s much more likely that some unfortunate soul has drunk too much or used a substance that has seen them fall and drown in the pond.

    I am on fact more concerned by comments such as from Ivor Heart. Scaremongering over reactions are unhelpful. Even if this turns out to be something far more sinister than a drunken tragedy, there are many more harmful things aroud Bradley Stoke. The roads for a start. Lets keep things in perspective.

  32. I think if it had been a murder, with a ‘killer on the loose’ then am pretty sure we would have been informed of it, so jumping to conclusions is silly and MH has a point.

  33. Bs Resident

    I dont mean to Scaremonger if that is what you want to call it but being kept in the dark only leads to worry and mistrust.
    To find 7 emergency service vehicles in your road would make anyone worry.
    Then you here there is a dead body and all sorts goes through your mind.
    Children leaving school yesterday must have been very scared let alone this morning wondering if there is a nutter roaming around the area.
    I don’t feel the residents fears have been eased at all by the police.
    The roads are safe Bs Resident nice 30 zones around tesco, warning signs that illuminate if your a little over, speed bumps littering the area, anything but more speed bumps i dont think the car would take it.

  34. Update on post mortem result added to article above. Police: “at this stage we do not believe it to be suspicious”.

  35. However, police-related activity in the area appears to be ongoing with a “mobile CCTV operations unit” stationed about 200m up the track leading north from the lake (behind BSCS) today.

    A mobile CCTV operational unit in the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve.

  36. Why don’t all you dog walkers stop gossiping and start picking up your dog mess because it’s increasing on the walk and it’s disgusting!

  37. You have a point Marcus and as a dog owner myself i get very frustrated at seeing so much dog mess left on the path or grass verges, not all dog owners are irresponsible owners and i wish there was something in force to stop the annoying selfish dog owners who are too lazy to pick up after their dogs.
    however i think your comment was maybe inappropriate considering the issue to begin with was with regards to a man losing his life in the Three Brooks lake. Its shocking and upsetting for all who live in and around the area but more so for the poor family who have lost a father/son/dear friend. Our thoughts and prays go out to them…….

  38. Marie… I couldn’t agree with you more! I feel that this tragic story is now turning into a vendetta against dogwalkers which is a real shame, there is a number for the South Glos Dog Wardens people can call to report anyone not clearing up after their dog posted along several areas around the walk. This really isn’t the issue here though it’s the person who has lost their life in tragic circumstances in our community. I’m still really angry about the comments suggesting people on here were “gossiping”…. Where???? Also the Facebook links were put up by the Editor…so he is going to be accused of inciting gossip. Enough said… RIP…to whoever the gentleman may be.

  39. We are planning a future article on responsible dog ownership, so can we put that issue to the side for the time being please?

  40. Angie,

    Deepest apologies for insulting you, that was never my intention. Just saddening to read how easy people post comments without any real thought behind them.
    To be fair more so disgusted with what I had read on facebook than here, but got very wound up.
    Some of the comments I read seem to have been deleted now and suggested that it ‘if said victim was an alcoholic it was his own fault’ I guess she had come to that conclusion by what other people have mentioned regarding drunken individuals.
    I just find it sad that if the victims family read these reports they are then left to find comments like that.
    When that could be nothing to do with the issue.


    Everyone is entitled to be scared/worried/upset and frightened, if I was to receive a telephone call from my childs school I would be too.
    My comment wasn’t aimed at truly concerned residents.

    Sorry for upsetting anyone

  41. Mel…Thanks for your apology, I can totally see now where you’re coming from, trouble with not speaking to someone face to face things can get confusing. I think we can all use our common sense here now though and from the further police update that this is nothing suspicious. Hopefully though in time there will be a further police statement so we can ALL go back to enjoying that area.

  42. @Me:

    A tump is a small spoil mound or hill. The tump by the lake is the spoil left over from early housing development in BS.

  43. Bert

    “Tump” is a 16th-century word meaning “hillock” or “mound”. Rising up from the lakeside, our Tump is rather more modern, having been created using the spoil left over from creating the second Severn bridge crossing. The Tump, the banks of the new secondary school, the area to the north of Savage’s Wood and the verges next to the reserve paths all contribute to the reserve’s grassland habitat :o)

  44. Editor…..This being a community website, among other things, do you not have a duty to keep us informed of this situation? Even if there is not much information coming from the police – you and your colleagues are journalists and surely this sort of incident needs reporting on. It’s not Moss Side etc so this rare happening concerns the majority of residents. Please update

  45. Agree with Reggie, it’s been a week since this poor chap was found and there is still no information. It’s not gossip, a tragic thing happened practically on our doorstep and we still don’t know who or how; was he a local man, how did he die? The omission of this incident from the police website is causing more concern and speculation than it is avoiding. An update would be appreciated. RIP and sympathy to his loved ones.

  46. @Juniper resident. I would suggest that the only people who need these details are the poor gentlemans family, and they will have already been informed. You do not need to know his name or how he died in order to satisfy your ghoulish curiosity. The police have already stated there are no suspicious circs, and therefore there is no need for any further details.

  47. @sukie, I’m not going to argue with you but please try to understand that this is not “ghoulish curiosity”, some of us that live very close to where this happened were and continue to be affected by the events last Tuesday, it would be of more concern if we didn’t care! My heart goes out to his family and loved ones.

  48. As a rule of thumb, police will only release details of a death if there is any crime suspected, but not if it is natural causes or misadventure.

    Therefore, you can take the lack of updates to mean there is nothing for the community to be concerned about.

  49. @sukie, it makes me wonder what you are doing adding a response to this thread over a week after the incident, when you say there is no need for further details! It appears to me you have morbid curiosity in what other people are thinking about the subject.

  50. I don’t think its unreasonable to question what happened on our own door step, why is it morbid to know the cause of death, and age of the person?

  51. If it’s suspicious police will speak publicly about it. It’s not suspicious so you don’t need to know. You can say it’s not gossip all you like but it is. Leave it in peace and realise it was either an accident or natural causes and it does not concern anyone here.

  52. Arbiter – I totally agree with your comment – @Sukie comment is kind of double standards….mmmm I don’t want to know the details but I’ll have a read and comment on it anyway???…I personally think it’s understandable that people want to find out a bit more, especially the Juniper Way residents. I know it was not a suspicious death but I’ve not felt like going to the Duck pond since…which is a shame as we are lucky to have such a nice walk like that in Bradley Stoke.

  53. @Me…..what a ridiculous comment. Of course it concerns the residents – for a variety of reasons. Not least that this poor soul had friends and if he was a local I feel sure they would want to know so they could pay due respect to him and his loved ones. How on earth can this be gossip?!

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