Duck pond death “in no way suspicious” says police inspector

Scientific Investigation units at the duck pond in Bradley Stoke.

The death of a man whose body was found in the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve on Tuesday 2nd July is “in no way suspicious” says a local police inspector.

In a piece written for the August edition of the Bradley Stoke Journal magazine, Inspector Bob Evely gives an assurance that the incident has no relevance for community safety.

Inspector Evely writes:

“As the Neighbourhood Inspector, I’d like to reassure everyone that the sad discovery of a man’s body in the Bradley Stoke Ponds area recently has in no way had an impact on the safety of the community as a whole.”

“Our enquiries have revealed that he was not a local man and was probably passing through our area on the way to somewhere else.”

“We continue to work with the Coroner’s Office to ensure that as many answers as possible can be provided to his next of kin around his travel and sad death, which was in no way suspicious.”

The man’s body was discovered at 10.30am on Tuesday 2nd July, near the “duck pond” behind houses in Juniper Way.

Police initially reported the death as “unexplained” but later the same day said they were not treating it as suspicious “at [that] stage”.

The case has now been passed to the Avon Coroner and an inquest is expected to be held in due course.

A full round up of the events of 2nd July will appear in the next edition of the Bradley Stoke Journal magazine, distributed to all homes in Bradley Stoke on the weekend of Saturday 3rd August.

Photo: Scientific Investigation vehicles at the duck pond on 2nd July.

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  1. James,

    Explanations for sudden deaths are what inquests are designed for. Until this happens, no further information will be offered. It’s in the hands of the coroner, as it should be.

  2. Here we go again – a ticking off for anyone in the community wanting to know a little bit more about a sudden death in a widely used community area. We do have an explanation for now though so yes I agree that it should be left alone until after the inquest and the poor guy’s family know the full story. But I do know of people that are still wary of going down there alone, me included.

  3. Ticking off? Are you referring to me, Angie?

    There was no such intention in my message. I was merely pointing out the procedure for sudden deaths in case any readers did not know. It appeared James was not aware.

    Message was left only in the spirit of information around a difficult and tragic subject. No other sub-meaning should be inferred.

  4. No Toxteth – I’m not referring to you directly of course not, what I think possibly I should have said is that there was some people talking of gossiping over such a tragic and sad incident, when I think it’s only natural that people would want to find out a little more about the incident after all thankfully it’s hardly a regular occurrence in Bradley Stoke, I do talk to quite a few people and there was a general feeling about why there wasn’t more information released about it. I think the latest assurance given by Inspector Eveley helps explain that and after all we do not have the right to the know the man’s details etc. I really want to move on from this and go back to enjoying the area but whilst of course remembering a family somewhere are grieving.

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