BSCS celebrates “positive” A-level outcomes

Students at Bradley Stoke Community School celebrate their A-level results.

Bradley Stoke Community School (BSCS) has built on last year’s first set of A-level outcomes and has seen an increase to 208 in the points per entry (197 last year).

The school also reports that 33% of all grades were A*-B – “amongst a larger and more diverse Year 13 of 105 students”.

Average points per student dipped to 683 (733 last year) because fewer students studied the Extended Project qualification in order to allow greater focus on their A-level subjects.

Individual successes highlighted by BSCS executive headteacher Dave Baker (pictured right) are:

Dave Baker, Executive Head at Bradley Stoke Community School.

A2 examination results

  • Uttam Sharma A*AAA
  • Sam Wells A*AAB
  • Jed Cummings AAA
  • Charlotte Murray A*AB
  • Ross Startin A*ABB
  • Elizabeth Tasker A*A*B
  • Lucy Wood AAB

AS examination results

  • Sophie Maxted AAAA
  • Alex Shoferpoor AAAA
  • Joe Whetter AAAD*
  • Samuel Head AAABB
  • Daisy Hodgkinson AABB

Photo: High-achieving students at BSCS celebrate their A-level results; (L-R) Elizabeth Tasker, Sam Wells, Ashleigh Widge, Uttam Sharma, Nicole Williams, Alex Smith and Lucy Wood.

Stoke Gifford’s Abbeywood Community School (ACS), which is linked with BSCS through the Olympus Academy Trust, has made further progress to consolidate last year’s status as one of the top post-16 centres in South Gloucestershire (based on average point score per entry) with an increase to 216 points per entry (213 last year).

Average points per student at ACS has been maintained as a strength (728 compared with 733 last year) and once again all students passed in every subject and 52% of all grades were A*-B.

Elsewhere, Patchway Community College reports that it has maintained its record A-level results from last year, with 19% of grades in 2013 being at A or A*, and 70% at A*-C.

More A-level reports and analysis will appear in the September edition of the Bradley Stoke Journal magazine, published on 7th September.

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  1. BSCS 33% A-B pass rates
    The school also reports that 33% of all grades were A*-B – “amongst a larger and more diverse Year 13 of 105 students”. –

    the Ridings 47.8% A-B pass rates ! there’s your elaboration
    Students based at Winterbourne International Academy achieved a pass rate of over 98.2 per cent, with 47.8 per cent achieving A*-B grades.

  2. Lets hope the achievements of Bradley Stokes young people who don’t attend BSCS, are also celebrated here in the days to come.

  3. Do we really need to be so competitive?

    All this “the school my child goes to is better than everywhere else” is pathetic. Why not just enjoy the fact that the kids are actually achieving something.

  4. The fact is Richard although living very close to BSCS my son and daughter were turned down for the school,in hind sight probably the best thing,the ridings is hands down the best school in south glos.just making my point if you don’t like please ignore it.

  5. Defensive?? Just stating the facts, the fact is that the all shiney and new Bradley stoke school is not now so shiney !!new broom old broom springs to mind !

  6. Henry, it is blatently obvious that you hold a grudge against BSCS, and if you want people to ignore your points then why make them?

  7. No grudge held. Just made the point the results were better at the ridings. Then I was asked to elaborate which I did if you don’t like my comments tough

  8. Glad my children didn’t go to The Ridings. Can you imagine being invited home by school friends and having to put up with their dad Henry?

  9. Well done to those who got such good results. Its amazing how you can manipulate statistics though: what about the poor 77% who didn’t. Where is the school’s responsibility for that?

  10. My comment isn’t allowed to be shown on here as it might break legal rules ,which is fine if thats the rules ,but Henry’s sons school isn’t all that its made out to be that I can say

  11. All i will say is a huge well done to ALL (whether at BSCS or not) for gaining your high grades and also well done to all the others that didnt get the grades you wanted! You can only try your best and there are many examples of very successful people in the world who excelled in life without high grades. Life is what you make it and how determined you are, so well done to all! 🙂

  12. With regard to the more personal comment on bow tie…i personally feel that is his choice and irrelevant! Good on him for wearing it if he wants to! Plus….he is a BIG bloke…so i wouldnt tell him otherwise! 😉

  13. Well said TT, does it matter where you went to school? If you tried your best, surely that’s all that matters? Well done to all of you, whether it was local or further afield. Also best of luck to those collecting GCSE results Thursday.

  14. All I can say is what sort of moral example are you all showing our young people!
    At the end of the day, well done to those who achieved and sorry to those who didn’t but we all have our place in life and no longer young people feel get unhappy and feel inadequate. Its not the end of the world if you are not academic, you can still be a good and worthwhile person

    Shame on you all

  15. Well said Kay! Why all the competitiveness? I live in Bradley Stoke and my son has just got his A level results…He needed two C’s and a B to get into the university of his choice. Am proud to say he got a C and 2 B’s! As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter which school he went to, it’s down to hard work, encouragement and support. Well done to all the kids everywhere and from all schools who did well, after all they were the ones in the exam hall. A VERY proud parent…

  16. Also I feel that your idea of achievement, Henry, is very misguided. Are you suggesting that any pupil (regardless of intellect) would do better at the ridings? I always thought that the exam results were based on the childrens’ intellect, not on the school??

  17. By and large, the A level results of Bradley Stoke students (BSCS and non BSCS) are not bad. In midst of the mixed results, many secured excellent grades. Congratulations to the top-scorers. Hats OFF to their parents and teachers too.

    I feel that our Town should publicly recognise our brilliant students and should keep their roll of honour, so that it will be an inspiration for our future students to strive with perseverance for better results.

    Hard work and determination always pays off. I wish all students the very best.

  18. It’s GCSE results day. I am bracing myself for negative comments. Why on earth can people not just be happy for our youngsters? Why so competitive? It’s down to the child, not the school. Some schools just don’t enter the less able for exams, which means their results appear higher. I have personal experience of the ridings, and believe me -its not as good as their results would lead you to believe. Behaviour and language is shocking from some of its pupils. Probably the same ones who aren’t entered for exams…

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