[Forum] Amount of dangerous parking reaching epidemic proportions

Dangerous parking at the junction of Broad Croft and Pear Tree Road.

I was recently threatened with being knifed because I pointed out that a driver had parked dangerously.

The Highway Code is clear: “You MUST NOT leave your vehicle or trailer in a dangerous position or where it causes any unnecessary obstruction of the road.” This is the law.

The amount of dangerous, inconsiderate and illegal parking in our area is now of epidemic proportions, and it isn’t a victimless crime, with danger, delay and inconvenience caused to road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists. Despite the obvious danger and illegality, it would appear to be almost impossible to get the police or South Gloucestershire Council to take action.

There are vehicles regularly parked opposite turnings, on bends, on corners, on the pavement and blocking dropped kerbs. All these are offences but the police turn a blind eye to them and the council made Mr Bean look a paragon of competence when I tried to get them to move a vehicle blocking a dropped kerb. My confidence in them was not increased when I saw a local councillor getting out of a car which was frequently parked on a dangerous bend.

The police appear to be taking the latest incident seriously, as it involved a threat of violence, but the basic problem remains: what can we do about the selfish, ignorant and stupid people who consider that they can park anywhere that’s convenient for them, ignoring risk and inconvenience to others?

Perhaps the answer is naming and shaming those who are incapable of parking safely and considerately, and pictures of the miscreants could be published on a website?

Richard Burton, Little Stoke

Photo: Dangerous parking at the junction of Broad Croft and Pear Tree Road. [source: Richard Burton]

This article originally appeared on the Letters and Opinions page of the September edition of the Bradley Stoke Journal magazine.

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  1. I totally agree, the Police don’t give a monkeys about it. In Amberley Rd, Stoke Lodge there are always several cars parked on the pavement opposite the Holy Family Catholic Primary School during the school run, with lazy ignorant parents sat in them because they are too damned lazy to walk a few yards to the school. I have spoken to the headteacher and she says she has asked parent nicely to refrain to no avail, she has reported it repeatedly to the police also to no avail. When I rang the police they basically said if they aren’t blocking the road there is no offence, which is incorrect, but they don’t care that it is illegal and blocking the pavements so prams and pushchairs can’t pass. I have taken photos of offending cars with number plates visible and offered to forward them to the police, but the police don’t even want them as evidence! Maybe someone would like to start a petition to the council or the police, or both to get something done. I despair!

  2. I have to say the grey car that parks near the Tesco roundabout on the opposite side of the rest of the parked cars during morning rush hour is causing a nuisance. Buses can’t get round it if cars are coming from the other direction. Seriously who parks so close to an exit off a busy roundabout opposite the other parked cars???

  3. Totally agree with sarah, many times when im in van i have tried smashing her wing mirror, but ive missed up to now. Not sure who in there right mind would park there. Ps:i will get her wing mirror soon enuff trust me!!!!

  4. Totally agree. I am sick of having to navigate the chicane down Ormonds Close every evening. Particularly fed up up of a brown BMW that is always parked on the bend of the close so you can’t see what is coming and the narrow corridors left by people parking both sides of the road.

    People. Buying a car does not give you the right to park it where you like and just because a road and pavement is outside your house you do not own them! Grrrrrr…..!

  5. @Batty How do you know its a “her” could be a “him” lol ;p Not sure knocking the mirror is a good idea. Couldn’t you get done for not stopping at scene of accident? Although bus nearly hit it this morning

  6. This seems to be a problem all over Bradley Stoke. I currently live in Dewfalls, and on the entrance to the road, cars are continually parking on the side, causing you to drive on the wrong side, but as it is so close to the junction, you are usually met by another driver coming round the corner, and they are not always so cautious. I’m sure there will be an accident soon. What annoys me most about this problem is there seem to be many empty drives! Some houses don’t have their parking space right outside the front door so they choose not to use the parking space and park outside the house on the road instead. I am always tempted to stick a copy of the highway code to their front windscreen, they might take notice then!

  7. That grey car parked on Tesco roundabout is a Peugeot and already has a dent on drivers side door – why does it park there when there is also cars parked opposite – stupid!!!! I live in hornbeam and already find it sooooo hard to get out of my own road as cars parked left and right and I have to edge my way out so can see the road properly.

  8. Basically there are too many cars for not enough spaces.
    If you have 2 + cars per household, you should be charged 2 x the road tax, 2 x the insurance, + an extra carbon charge.
    If every other person in a household brought a bike or caught the bus that would reduce the amount of traffic by about 50%. Problem solved.

  9. Totally agree with you Sarah, that person with grey car is an idiot of the highest order! I think the issue is traffic in the area and a lack of smart people, unfortunately there are more and more people brain farting when picking the right place to park. The road I live on looks like Tesco’s car park at night… Just with less stray trolleys!

  10. Why aren’t the Police enforcing the Highway Code, it clearly is illegal, I’m sure theres something in the highway code about not parking on the pavement, in front of driveways and within so many yards of a junction? I’m surprised the council hasn’t cottoned onto this easy, money making, parking ticket idea. Would the new CCTV car be able to issue tickets for this as well as parking on zig zags?

  11. BS Resident says …If you have 2 + cars per household, you should be charged 2 x the road tax, 2 x the insurance!

    If you have 2 cars then you already do pay 2 x each, so what is your point?

  12. Until fairly recently, there used to be a large SUV parked on the top corner of marjoram place, half on the pavement. Invariably, as you attempted to go around it, cars would zoom around the blind bend.

    Folks did periodically press the horn as they approached the corner to warn folks coming the other way, but this upset the owner of the SUV and he started complaining.

    Now, we find another inconsiderate soul a bit further down marjoram place. On the other corner. Parked half on the pavement right next to his/her empty drive. Once again, you take your life in your hands as you attempt to go around, only to meet cars speeding down the hill in the other direction.

    Wish I had a battered old truck sometimes 🙂

  13. I am so glad I am not the only one thinking that. After contacting the council on a number of occasions only to be met by mere indifference it was time somebody spoke up and maybe we can get something done about it.

    I also contacted the council regarding the problem that gyre mentions but again, not action was taken. They actually sounded surprised I contacted them.

    Hope something will be done before they will be forced to do something due to some nasty accident.

    Double yellow lines at corners is an idea

    PS. Another problem in people parking in disable bays when they are not disable…I saw so many of them at TESCO and at the leisure centre…

  14. Thanks Marco.

    When a PCSO was informed about the parking on the corners, I was told that they weren’t corners, they were curves. lol.

    The PCSO was more concerned about the SUV owner being upset by the horn usage than the dangerous parking that caused it.

  15. Totally agree with you gyre on those cars parked on Marjoram place(their driveways are empty)

    I think it’s time to post pics and shame these inconsiderate people!

    PS. That Peugeot is a pain especially for school run pedestrians trying to cross that part of the road

  16. Gyre, we must be neighbours. I too get so irritated with the red car parked on the pavement on Marjoram, there’s also a blue ka at the top end on Juniper that does the same, I have to push my baby’s pram out onto the road to get past – always makes me wonder why they think their wing mirrors are more important than pedestrians with a buggy or wheelchair in tow!

  17. I live in North Bradley Stoke and we have exactly the same issues – people park too close to junctions or directly opposite them, despite the fact that there is a perfectly safe place to park just a few yards away! I also suffer with a particularly selfish driver who parks in the turning circle at the top of my road, restricting access for me, visitors and neighbours. I did try having a quiet (and very polite) word with her, pointing out how inconvenient and potential dangerous this was and that parking in a turning circle is in contravention of the highway code and the terms of our house deeds (must not obstruct an estate road in any way) but she just looked at me and has carried on doing it anyway!
    Perhaps it is time for us to get together and publish a “are you a good neighbour?” leaflet to be distributed throughout Bradley Stoke and Stoke Gifford – via the journal? – or perhaps we could just place them on the windscreens of the most selfish people?