Ben Walker chosen to fight 2015 general election for UKIP

Cllr Ben Walker.

Bradley Stoke councillor Ben Walker has been chosen as the UKIP candidate for the Filton and Bradley Stoke (FABS) parliamentary seat in the 2015 general election.

The party has also announced its first wave of prospective South Gloucestershire Council candidates.

Speaking after his selection, Cllr Walker said:

“I’m honoured to have been selected as the Filton and Bradley Stoke UKIP candidate and will continue to work for people across the constituency and South Gloucestershire. Our branch continues to grow from strength to strength as does our public support and we look to contest as many South Gloucestershire Council seats as possible.”

“People want change as they have been consistently let down by successive parties; we are that change with the representation of people at our core.”

Filton town councillor Keith Briffet was selected to stand as a South Gloucestershire Council candidate in Filton, along with Alan Tink, a former Filton town councillor and chair of council.

Derrick Powell from Bradley Stoke was also selected to stand for South Gloucestershire Council in Bradley Stoke.

Speaking after their selection, Keith Briffet, Alan Tink and Derrick Powell said:

“We are the fastest-growing party in Britain and the first new political force for change for 100 years. People are joining us in their thousands every month because we are prepared to say what they’ve been thinking. Only UKIP want to leave the costly, meddling EU, end mass immigration, stop soaring energy bills and cut foreign aid.”

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  1. Should Ben Walker remain on the exec committee of 1st Bradley Stoke scout group considering he is now running for Ukip? The group were drawn into the signage problem at brook way recently saying they did not want to be politicised but surely this is worse as scouts surely should not been seen to favour one political party over another and why should they have any ‘politicians’ at all associated with the group? Worth looking into?

  2. I can’t wait for Ben Walker to come to my house and explain me all his great ideas.I respect his views but strongly disagree. I am French, my wife is British (from Bristol) and our 3 kids (born in Tenerife) have British Passport. We lived 10 years in Mallorca, 10 years in Tenerife and for the last 3 years in Bradley Stoke. When you live in Spain or France believe me you don’t have the feeling that EU control everything.. In fact, thanks to the EU, citizen have better rights: for example: 2 years minimum warranty on electrical devices (here it is still 1 year and shops are trying to sell you extra warranty: by the way this is illegal, thanks to the EU.),Car parks charged per seconds and not per hours (this is the law in the E.U and more and more countries are following it…except here of course!). I have a business and I trade a lot with European customers…and as the huge majority of businesses we are glad to be part of the Europe. This is one of the greatest economic market. The biggest trading market for the UK is Europe and believe me you need Europe market because India and Australia are too far away. Also when I read that lately, us European we are to blame for everything in the UK It makes me laugh. I am a hard worker, pay my tax and happy to be here. And I speak English as the huge majority of European living here. But can we say the same with the millions of British living in Spain or France? Have you been in Tenerife or Mallorca or Benidorm? There is British ghettos with people that can’t speak a word of Spanish or French, even their businesses are written in English and not in French or Spanish. And they also get (Spanish/French) Social Security Benefit, unemployed benefit (much higher than here) and benefit too (if they can apply). And nobody in Spain or France think that’s a bad thing. We consider them as citizen of the country. Imagine if the Spanish Government was talking about UK resident in the same way UKIP or Torries are talking about the European citizen……it would be a huge diplomatic crisis! And one last thing, hundreds of thousands of UK retired resident in South of Spain or Tenerife are enjoying the UK Winter fuel allowance!!! Really..they don’t need it, and I would prefer this money to be used here for the elderly people dying every winter because they can’t afford to pay the bill. Not everything is black or White…there is a lot of grey, but when you had the privilege to lived in other countries you can have different point of views. And realise that the UK is a great country but selfish politician with wrong ideas are a real danger for the country.

  3. Thank you Henry I totally support your views.
    I think Mr party hopping Walker will be in for a surprise. A lot of residents are of foreign descent and are highly offended by the views of the UKIP.
    In my son’s school’s year 6 class there are 18 different nationalities . Whom do you think those parent’s will vote for?
    In fact Mr Walker to add to his looking good in politics portfolio tried to run for a position as school governor for a local school – bit embarrassing really as he only received 4 votes

  4. Henry, are you are happy to be ruled over by unelected Socialists who for 17 years have been unable to have the EU accounts audited due to incredible amounts of fraud, all the time whilst refusing to give democratic votes to the electorate who were conned into the idea of a free trade area which has developed into an insidious, power-greedy empire.

    UKIP are on the rise and the LIbLabCon parties have no answers to the challenge

  5. anon-e-mouse, thanks for your reply. As I said I respect UKIP opinion but strongly disagree. The problem is that when there is a huge economic crisis (like now) extremist opinion raise and find great echo within the opinion. It happened in France with LE PEN, and it happened in Germany with Hitler. The problem is that some newspaper are very manipulative here. I believe we need some regulation and as some countries can’t regulate as it should, Europe is a good way to regulate this huge Market. Look at the Financial sector. It is massive in the UK, and Labour, Conservative never accepted some regulations…and look what happened, the UK financial sector put this country into misery since 2008, and the State had to bailout the banks! And guess what, nothing has changed. I believe we need regulation on the banking system because we can’t afford a new crisis like the one that happened. Personally living here I don’t have the impression that I am living in a country with no power and that is being ruled by Europe. This is wrong because each country has still a lot of powers but when you are in a huge market such as Europe you need a bit of regulation for all the countries. We are in 2014, the World is global and UK cannot afford to be on their own, the Empire is gone and well gone. UK needs to be part of a big market. I think it is too easy to blame always the others. Maybe politicians here should think what are they doing right or wrong? Are they working for the people? If I were Prime Minister I would be ashamed of the thousands of elderly people dying every year because they can’t afford to pay for the heating. If I were Prime Minister I would be ashamed to be in a country where (when you are too old) NHS don’t want to treat you for Cancer. The problem is that nobody says anything, people think it’s the fault of Europe or people like me. If Spain (where elderly people are hugely respected by everybody) had thousands of death every year because of the heating, the country would live a revolution….but not here. That’s why in my opinion Tories and UKIP (same but stronger flavour) are too selfish and I think that a country that is selfish, doesn’t respect elderly or blame always the other for their failure…has no future.

  6. I think you need to give this ben a break. You all react to this without doing the proper research. Sit down, do your homework and then comment again without guessing.

  7. I know Ben Walker through the school that his son attends. He didn’t try to to run for school governor? He got asked to be school governor. It’s a tad embarrassing when you don’t get your facts right. Once again people think ukip is such a bad thing, comparing it to BNP. You really need to go home and study if you think they are the same. They can’t be any different if they tried.

  8. Andy Black …..don’t worry I have done my research and I hope more people would do research and not believe what some papers said. Ready to have an healthy debate whenever you want and would love to meet Ben to discuss all of this.


  9. Andy – Ben has more than 1 son . The Govenor post he ‘applied ‘ for may not have been at the same school. I am aware he is a govenor at 1 of his son’s school but not the other. Either way the point is simply that people who vote will do so with the party they feel mist confident with . I and many others do not support the UKIP. Don’t even mention the BNP.
    In addition I do have first hand knowledge of the facts! I am also not a fan of the other parties either so this is not BEN – bashing!

  10. Ben has worked so hard for this town for years now, helping countless local groups and raising thousands for loads of different charities. If anything I would say he should be an independent but UKIP are not what people think and people should know facts before spouting off. Filton and Bradley Stoke is a marginal seat and this development will certainly prove interesting as UKIP recently won a council seat in Filton. Don’t forget it’s not just Bradley Stoke that will be voting. We all moan when there isn’t a local candidate and parties drop someone in from outside. Ben lives here, has served his country in the armed services, comes from Filton and has done nothing but good for the town. I support a lot of UKIP policies but not all, but then when I voted Labour, it was the same. Why school governor positions matter, I don’t know. Anyone who does that is good for the school. I will be supporting Ben in 2015 because I know he will stand up for me if I needed it. Unfortunately, our current MP couldn’t care less about us and just reaps in the expenses.

  11. “Europe is a good way to regulate this huge Market”. I don’t think the Greeks will agree with this statement somehow. And if the answer is “more Europe” then I dread to think what the question would be 🙂

    And we in Britian could do a lot more to help our elderly/NHS/insert any other needy group if we taxpayers didn’t have to contribute £55 million each and every day of the week to the unauditable EU.

    The markets would still be there for British businesses if we were to leave the EU and I for one won’t be scared by stories of doom about how we will somehow collapse as a country if we were to even think of the idea of an In/Out referendum.

    The EU leaders know their pet project (and gold-plated pensions) are teetering on a knife edge and Britain leaving would bring their whole house of cards down. Fingers crossed!

  12. I like the idea of standing as an independent, for how I have seen Mr Walker work within Bradley Stoke, he might just get my vote, but I feel unable to vote for UKIP, and as their leader said the other day, their last manifesto was a complete shambles. Hopefully when we get to 2015, UKIP will have sorted itself out and be a credible choice, now how can we get the Tories, Labour & LibDems to do the same….

  13. anon-e-mouse, if the UK is out of the European Market and if the awful times of customs, import/export duties is back, where would you trade?
    If UKIP has a good answer to that matter, I might change my mind but I am afraid that at the moment there is no other market as European Market.
    Maybe I am wrong, but UK don’t produce a lot any more and would need to import a lot of product with Import tax! Regarding Greece, the problem is that Europe was not strong enough and didn’t investigate deeply the real state of the Greek economy when they adopt the Euro. Also we all know that in Greece…..not a lot of people are paying their taxes and that’s another problem.
    Anyway, I don’t think we will ever agree, but maybe the Royal Family and other rich Lords could give to the NHS all the money they are receiving from EU agriculture funds….. It would be nice. That’s just an idea!:)

  14. Anonemouse anonymous whatever, I have been following your posts for a while and musing over who you are, as a fellow disillusioned player in the ‘political arena’ but I usually post my views under my real name, don’t you feel that in order to have any credibility you should post under your real name, you are not someone innocently posting local opinion but someone seeking to influence, whether through informing or information you hold strong views, which, if you truly believe in them should be backed up away from anonymity. If you really are the son of Peter JAY the Labour ambassador to America then I am definitely barking up the wrong tree, but as the editor knows I am ‘barking’ anyway. Who let the dogs out?!

  15. Hello septic.

    An anonymous poster asking for anon-e-mouse not to post anonymously. Ah, the irony 🙂 Maybe Biggus Dikkus should attempt to say that line?

    I don’t post here to garner credibility or influence, just to add my (heavily taxed) twopennyworth to the discussions.

    Happy to confirm I am not the son of Peter Jay too! I am going back to the mousehole now.

  16. I wish Ben the best of luck in his campaign. As some-one who walked the streets to get J L-P elected, I must say that he has not been the fresh face and local MP that was promised. He has become like the rest of those living in the Westminster village. Both Ben and myself have been subjected to campaigns of mis-truths instigated by certain people, and so please don’t believe all the hype

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