Family terrified by masked men knocking at door

Police car.

Police say they are aware of a suspicious incident in the Brook Way/Kemperleye Way area of Bradley Stoke at about 9.40pm last night (Tuesday 1st April).

A family reported having two men wearing balaclavas knocking at their door asking for a man who did not live there. They refused to let them in and called the police. The men walked away.

Neighbours told the family that the two men joined three other men who were in a dark-coloured Vauxhall Vectra and drove off.

Neighbours also said the men who called at the door were carrying baseball bats, but the householder did not see this and no threats were made, leading the police to conclude that “at this stage, there is no evidence of any criminal offence”.

South Gloucestershire Neighbourhoods Manager Inspector Bob Evely said:

“Officers carried out a search of the area but found no trace of the men. They spoke to the householder and offered advice.”

“We have flagged the address for an urgent response should there be any other calls.”

“At this stage we believe the incident is completely unconnected with the occupier.”

“Anyone who witnessed this incident or who has any information which could help us is asked to call 101 quoting reference 1141 of 1st April.”

“The neighbourhood team will make a follow-up call to the family in the next few days.”

An account of the incident, believed to originate from the mother of the victim family, was posted earlier today (Wednesday) on Facebook. The message starts:

“I’ve had five masked men to my door tonight, trying to get in. It’s only myself and my three stunning children”.

The author goes on to describe two of the men and concludes:

“Please, please help me. This is a small place and I know how people talk. Help … ring 101 with ref 1141 and today’s date. We won’t ever forget this. My poor girl [who she says witnessed the incident] is so scared.”

A similar incident occurred in Bradley Stoke in December last year, when two masked men forced their way into an elderly couple’s home in Broad Croft, demanding to know where “the drugs” were.

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  1. How can they say no offence has been committed, if I walked down the street with a baseball bat I’d be charged with being in possession of a weapon.

  2. Thats a bit daft Dan surely they would ask you if you were playing baseball. and let you carry on on your way as you obviously would be.

  3. Back in 2011, I had a similar incident happen at my home. 3 men, no balaclavas that time, 2 carrying baseball bats – knocked on the front door. I didn’t answer as I figured it was Sky / Scottish Power et al. They proceeded to kick the door in and enter the property.

    I was asleep at the time so it woke me, and I charged down the stairs and shunted them back out. It resulted in blurred vision and a concussion for a few days after one of them punched me square in the face. It was the same thing regarding what they wanted – they kept shouting where the drugs are etc. It turned out they had the wrong house, in the wrong road.

    I had the police & CSI visit that evening. Apparently nobody saw or heard anything, and blokes wandering around Bradley Stoke with baseball bats isn’t unusual. They weren’t found and no prints matched.

    Fast forward a few years and the same thing is happening, only this time it’s elderly couples and young families. I really hope this gets resolved before anyone else ends up as a battered and bruised mess after trying to protect their home.

  4. Threatening behaviour, intimidation and an attempt to gain access to a property that does not belong to them, not a criminal offense? A gang of 5 men in balaclavas wielding baseball bats is enough to frighten anyone knocking at their door! They clearly had criminal intent for the person they were asking for. Crazy O.o

  5. Jon, you didn’t answer cos you thought it was sky, yet they then kicked the door in which woke you? Doesn’t make sense.

  6. I often ignore the door if I’m in bed. Only people who repeatedly harass with knocking around my way tends to be N-Power. There are only so many times you can close the door in their face before just ignoring them completely.

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