Runaway cows make national headlines

Escaped cows gallop along Juniper Way, Bradley Stoke.

A dramatic incident which saw a herd of cows escape from an overturned trailer and run loose through the streets of Bradley Stoke for over two hours hit the national headlines over the bank holiday weekend.

The drama started when a trailer transporting the cattle overturned at ‘Rabbit Roundabout’ (junction of Bradley Stoke Way and Winterbourne Road) at around 12.15pm on Friday (2nd May).

Eight animals escaped and began galloping up and down various roads in Bradley Stoke, including Winterbourne Road, Bradley Stoke Way, Webbs Wood Road and Juniper Way.

Several police vehicles were involved in the operation to round up the beasts and the police helicopter was deployed to give an oversight from the air.

After leading police a merry dance for more than two hours, the animals were finally cornered in a cul-de-sac off Juniper Way, where they were loaded onto a transporter.

One police officer was injured during the operation, when one of the animals ran into him as he was helping to round them up.

The Bristol Post reported that one of the animals was shot by a police officer after becoming “distressed” during the incident.

The Daily Mail, in the same ownership as The Post, sensationalised the story with the headline: “You herd it right… cows escape overturned truck and stampede through suburban Bristol damaging cars and injuring police who are forced to SHOOT one dead …

The Daily Express ran the story under the headline: “Cow shot dead by police marksman and officer injured after cattle stampede past houses“, while the Daily Mirror used: “Cows run amok in city streets after escaping from overturned trailer” and  The Telegraph: “Runaway cows take trip into suburbs“.

Photos and commentary were provided live by readers of the Bradley Stoke Journal on our Facebook page (see post #1, post #2) and several videos were later posted on YouTube:

A full report about the runaway cows incident will appear in the June edition of the Bradley Stoke Journal magazine. We’re looking for good quality photos that we can use in our report – if you have any, please email full-resolution versions to The best picture (as determined by the Editor) will win a prize of £20.

Photo: Escaped cows gallop along Juniper Way. [Credit: Andy Hipkiss]

Police search for escaped cows in Juniper Way, Bradley Stoke.

Photo: Police search for escaped cows in Juniper Way. [Credit: Andy Hipkiss]

Overturned cattle trailer in Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Photo: Overturned cattle trailer at Rabbit Roundabout [Credit: Sara Messenger]

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