[Forum] Honey bees looking to set up home in wall cavity of our house

Honey bee (Apis mellifera).

I was wondering if anybody keeps bees or knows of anyone that does, in the Hawkins Crescent area? Or if anyone has experienced any problems with bees around their home recently?

We have had a large amount of honey bees attempting to set up home in the wall cavity of our house via an airbrick. A beekeeper thinks it may have been a caste from a local hive scouting out the house to start a new hive and said it’s probably very close.

Honey bees are lovely but we would be happier if they stayed outside!

Interested to hear of anything similar happening in the area.


Stock photo: Honey bee (Apis mellifera). [Credit: Charlesjsharp; licence: CC BY-SA 3.0; link: http://bit.ly/1pHCbJC)

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  1. We have masonary bees hanging around. Are you sure that’s not what you have. They look a lot like honey bees but lay eggs in holes in walls.

  2. Hi nc, no they have been identified on line and by the bee keeper as honey bees, we had masonry bees last year and they didn’t cause us any bother.

  3. We have loads of bees that seem to be nesting in our wall! Only noticed this today! There is a lot of them as well. Not sure what sort of bees they are though!

  4. Our neighbour has them nesting in the wall cavity. I first noticed them when I saw something drop onto the driveway and when I wandered over I seemed to be interrupting the mating session… Looking up there was a real hive (excuse the pun) of activity.

    Been watching them for days going in and out by my neighbours dont seem too concerned.

  5. We had timber bees last year nesting in a bird box. They fly in random patterns outside the bird box and look intimidating and even though they were close to the house we had no issues with them at all and it was interesting to watch their behavior. As long as they are not aggressive and they are not bothering you in the house or when you sit outside then I would suggest you try and ignore them or enjoy their presence. After all with the way they are declining one day we may not be able to watch them.

  6. Get in touch with the pest control team at South Glos council, they will be able to confirm identification and advise on how to deal with the “problem”.

    Having had a visit today for some Whitetailed Bumble Bees setting up home in our Fascia Boards. The guy who visited told me that we were lucky it wasn’t Honey Bees as once they start the nest in walls etc the only way to remove them is to kill the nest, which can grow to be many many thousand bees.

    Despite the usual negative comments about SGC on the various forums, I found them to be very good on this occasion.