Fine weather forecast for Carnival Saturday

2013 Bradley Stoke Carnival.

The weather is looking set fair for tomorrow’s Bradley Stoke Carnival, which starts with a colourful internationally-themed walking carnival parade, leaving the Brook Way Activity Centre [BS32 9DA] at 1pm and then parading down Brook Way to Jubilee Green [BS32 8HL].

The parade is open to everyone and all community groups and individuals are invited to join Bezerkaz Circus’ stilt walkers and other performers.

Jubilee Green will play host to a family funfair, classic and kit car displays, stalls, face painting, ice cream seller, licensed bar, live music, a demonstration area (hosted by Bradley Stoke Radio) and free drumming workshops. Music acts include The Twerzels (Wurzels tribute band), Dave Harris, Mia and Tuesday Eagle, Spin Sister and S.A.M.S Band.

Key timings: 11am Funfair opens; 12pm Carnival field opens; 2pm (approx) Carnival parade arrives; 3pm: Live music starts; 7.15pm (approx) Stage closes.

A 1950 vintage red bus will be providing ‘free of charge’ short bus rides around the north of Bradley Stoke, leaving and returning via a dedicated temporary bus stop just outside Jubilee Green and running from 2pm to 5pm.

A number of hot air balloon ascents from the Jubilee Centre site are planned over the carnival weekend (weather permitting). The forecast is currently looking good for launches at 6am and 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.

For the latest carnival news, visit the Bradley Stoke Carnival page on Facebook.

Programme for the 2014 Bradley Stoke Carnival.

Above: Carnival programme (click to enlarge).

Download the full carnival programme as a printable PDF here (see page 2 of the document).

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  1. Really nice to see the procession today from my car :). But just one very small gripe, next year can there be someone monitoring Savages Wood Road to keep the road clear for local residents, today there were people with small children and buggies using the road as a path, the road is still open so this is dangerous even though you’re not going at a great pace!

  2. The carnival was really lovely and great fun over the whole weekend, and a great use of the green. It was super to see so many people enjoying themselves and that on the whole the weather was kind.

    Only downside, as a resident very local to the Jubilee Green, was the inconsiderate parking by people visiting the events. Parking on corners, pavements and on both sides of the narrow cul de sacs nearby making it very difficult to get through. Tesco is only 5 mins walk away so if it is really too far to walk to these events from your home, then parking there is the best option really!

    But as the entrance to Savages wood Road is never monitored for these events, these parking problems will carry on!

  3. Comment from Bradley Stoke Mayor Cllr John Ashe:

    “It is brilliant to see yet another successful community event in our Town, giving people the opportunity to positively socialise with their friends and neighbours. I would like the thank the Carnival Committee for their hard work in organising this event and demonstrating to us all that the community spirit is alive and well in Bradley Stoke. It was also an honour to be asked by the Carnival Committee to present two awards to those who took part in the carnival procession itself, the recipients being the Chinese Association and the Rainbows.”

    “I would also like to take the opportunity to thank those who kindly donated to the Mayor’s Charitable Fund, where all proceeds will be handed to the Poppy Appeal (The Royal British Legion), and the Great Western Air Ambulance each receiving 50% of the fund.”

    “I hope that all who attended enjoyed it and were not too disappointed when the balloons could not lift off due to weather conditions on the Bank Holiday Monday and the evenings of the Saturday and Sunday. I look forward to seeing you all at the free Fireworks event in November, where we will be collecting once again for the Mayor’s Charitable Fund.”

  4. Good point about parking time limit at Tesco, but I dont think that many people stayed that long. There was a constant turnover of cars parking and going and then being replaced with other cars. At one stage we couldnt drive into our road as someone was actually parking on the corner with all 4 doors open to get the family out! So dangerous in manys way with so many pedestians around.

    Oh dear!! I am sounding like a parking grump! But on the whole I guess a lot of people could have easily walked to the carnival. If you have to drive, then please park considerately, bear in mind safety and that people still need to access their homes!

  5. @ Savages Wood Resident…No, you are not a parking grump at all and have my support and back up! I really like seeing the green being used for community events but a bit of common sense and curtesy to the residents would be appreciated. The Carnival seemed bigger this year and if it is to become an annual event, the road needs to be monitored as the Festival in June and Fireworks in November are. On Saturday there were cones along the road but the path was not big enough for everyone following the procession so people were spilling out onto the road..which is not great.

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