[Letter] The need for a bus service between Bradley Stoke and Southmead Hospital

Bus route suggested by Cllr Tom Aditya: Aztec West - Bradley Stoke - Southmead Hospital - Bristol Royal Infirmary- Temple Meads.

Dear Editor,

I write this in connection with the poor public transportation facilities from Bradley Stoke to Southmead Hospital. As you all know, many medical professionals and staff members working for the hospital live in Bradley Stoke. The majority of the town’s population also relies upon Southmead hospital for their specialist health care. The parking situation at the hospital is totally terrible and the situation is getting difficult day by day. This issue has been raised by many town residents over the years, but an appropriate solution to this issue has not yet been formulated.

Recently, I happened to conduct a modest survey at the Willow Brook Centre (which belongs to my ward) regarding the public issues faced by the Bradley Stoke Town residents. A further concern raised by the residents is the absence of direct transportation facilities from Bradley Stoke connecting Clifton, Bristol University campus and Bristol Temple Meads station, where many people work, study and visit. Many Bradley Stoke residents commute to these places daily using other means of transport. In light of these public concerns, I drew a route map connecting these places, which I wish to attach for your reference (see above, click to enlarge). This route map is just a guide and is subject to be corrected according to further discussions.

Lately, I requested the First Bus company (without any special affection or ill-will towards that company, since it is the bus company used by the majority of Bradley Stoke passengers) the possibilities to start up a proper bus service connecting Bradley Stoke, Southmead Hospital, the University campus and the Bristol Temple Meads station; and I am eagerly waiting to hear their response.

I raised this issue at various public forums and had pressed on this topic during the Strategic Planning Meeting of the Town Council. As a result, the Town Council has incorporated this issue as an agenda item for the forthcoming Planning & Environment Committee meeting and has requested Mr Roy Steele (South Glos Council’s Transport Operations Manager) to attend the meeting to discuss this issue. Mr Steele has confirmed that he will attend the meeting.

I request the town residents and all prospective service users to attend the Planning & Environment Committee meeting of the Town Council on Wednesday 22nd October 2014 commencing at 7pm at the Jubilee Centre (Bradley Stoke BS32 8HL) and raise this matter as a public submission.

I am sure a solution to this issue will come up, if the issue is promptly pressed at this juncture.


Cllr Tom Aditya

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  1. Its ridiculous there is not a bus directly to the hospital. I work there and have had to buy a moped and risk life and limb getting there to work 12 hour shifts. God knows what will happen when the weathers worse. Its 2 buses or a walk up the A38 and then a long walk down to the hospital down from Gloucester road – then work a 12 hour shift . then hope there’s a bus home at 9pm at night ( if I get off duty on time )
    We were promised so much when it was decided the hospital was going to be built at Southmead, sadly the parking and buses have failed, just as a lot if us had predicted .

  2. I recently visited my mother in Southmead hospital and due to the poor parking decided to use the bus. I live close to the Willow Brook Centre so decided to take the bus to Cribbs and then a second bus to Southmead. I then did the same journey back. This meant catching 4 buses, each journey cost £2.50 so a total of £10. I was with my mother for 45 mins yet the total round trip took 5 hours. The bus timetables are pure fiction and do not reflect what really happens.

  3. Current options for bus travel between Bradley Stoke and Southmead Hospital:

    X74 to Rolls-Royce (A38), then 18, 82, 501 or 502 to Southmead Hospital.

    73 to Parkway Station, then 18, 501 or 502 to Southmead Hospital.

    73 to The Mall, then 76 or 82 to Southmead Hospital.

    Other suggestions?