Iceland to open store at Willow Brook Centre

Posted on Monday 24th November 2014 at 11:32 am by SH (Editor)

Frozen food specialist Iceland is to open a store at the Willow Brook Centre in Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Frozen food specialist Iceland is to open an outlet at the Willow Brook Centre in Bradley Stoke.

The new Iceland store, which is expected to start trading at the end of February 2015, will be located in the ‘retail terrace’ unit currently occupied by shoe retailer Brantano.

Signs on display at the Brantano store, which opened at Willow Brook back in July 2009,  indicate that it will cease trading on Saturday (29th November).

Iceland is said to be currently recruiting about 20 staff for its new Bradley Stoke store.

Willow Brook Centre manager Andy Wynn said:

“We are delighted to have Iceland opening at Willow Brook. The frozen food retailer will add another dimension to our strong food offer at the centre.”

Launched in Oswestry in 1970, Iceland is amongst Britain’s fastest-growing food retailer with a network of more than 800 stores, annual sales in excess of £2.6 billion and over 25,000 staff around the UK.

Australian singer Peter Andre has recently been signed to front the retailer’s advertising campaign.

• In a reader poll conducted on the Bradley Stoke Journal website during September 2013, the top three types of store that people said they would like to see open at the Willow Brook Centre were: (1) A post office; (2) A clothing store; and (3) A bank. See the full results on our Polls Archive page.

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9 Responses to “Iceland to open store at Willow Brook Centre”

  1. Happy Says:

    Thought the people of BS wanted a Primark clothes store more than this

  2. Sukie71 Says:

    Oh great! Yet another low quality low cost food store in Bradley Stoke. Surely Willow Brook should be trying to attract more high-end stores here? Let’s hope Tesco manage to put a stop to this.

  3. vanezapage Says:

    oh Crap! here goes the neighbourhood. Big indoor play space would be great with a comfy lounge for the parents

  4. Gashead Says:

    Shame for the MOD staff whose 10% discount card ends on the 28 Feb 2015.

  5. catashana Says:

    Seriously some people need to move to the city centre if they want over priced high end fashion and food chains from.what I’ve seen the stokes are very family orientated communities who benefit from low cost stores in pleased to see Iceland moving into willow brook

  6. lololololol Says:

    To be fair, there are only so many tesco clothes you can wear until you begin feeling like a bum. An alternative clothes outlet would have been appreciated. It is nice having low cost shopping to combat the relatively high priced accommodation, I mean for the price of renting an apartment here you can rent a house a few miles away, but it ends up easier to shop on ebay than to travel regularly to the centre.

  7. One Kind Lady Says:

    Personally I would rather have had a M & S Food Store or even another Next Clearance.

  8. young sexy local ;) lol Says:

    cant wait dont have to make a trip to southmead or fishponds now good for people who dont drive either. x

  9. SH (Editor) Says:

    The new Iceland store will open at 9am on Tuesday 24th February 2015. [Source: Signage at the store.]

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