[Forum] Size of the BSCS catchment area?

Bradley Stoke Community School.


I’ve been reading about admissions to Bradley Stoke Community School (BSCS). Does anyone know what the furthest distance from the school of a successful applicant in the 2013 applications round was please?

I believe the information is available in an admissions print-out that you can read at schools and in local libraries but I’m not local (yet!;) and it’s not available online.

Thanks 🙂


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  1. We were successful in getting a place last year, and live 0.75 miles away (you can ring the council and they will give you the distance as they calculate it). However one of my friend’s children didn’t get in- they were told they were 0.8 miles away. It depends on the intake each year, and how many siblings are given a place as these are given priority. Hope that helps you!

  2. It depends on the size of the year. When my son went to secondary education he wouldn’t have got in (we live .82 miles away) but 3 years later our next door neighbour got her daughter in and later still her son. You also need to remember they are building a primary school on the site, opens sept 2015, children there will automatically go to BSCS which will reduce intake from other primary schools further. Unless you’re on their doorstep I’d make sure you think about other options particularly The Castle school and Marlwood, there are buses running to both from Bradley Stoke. Both my kids went to Marlwood although by son transferred back to BSCS for 6th form.

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