[Forum] Centre should show more empathy towards forgetful disabled drivers

Car park at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

This is the second time that my dad, who is 77, a little bit forgetful and suffers with COPD, has been ticketed for not displaying his disabled badge at the Willow Brook Centre in Bradley Stoke.

I agree, it’s a good thing to fine non badge carriers, but please can we show some initiative and empathy for genuine disabled badge carriers who [after finding they have been given a penalty notice] rush straight back into the shopping centre to show the badge they have absentmindedly forgotten to display, only to be met with the jobsworth attitude of: “There’s nothing I can do, you’ll have to pay the fine of £60.”

Please, please can we have a little commonsense. Do these people not realise what major upset this can cause an elderly person, not in full health? Let alone the financial hardship!

I say to my dad: “Just leave your badge on display at all times.” But it’s true what he says about possible break ins! That would cost him £200, to have his car window replaced, in excesses.

I wouldn’t mind as much, but the letters they receive from the parking company are quite threatening.


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  1. Catherine….. Not being horrible, but a parking ticket for your dad, should be the least of your worries,, if your dad is “forgetful”, should he be driving a car, there are lots of people in and around the willow brook centre!!! Lets hope his “forgetfulness” is Not a accident waiting to happen!!!!

  2. Jane ……my dad is elderly but not stupid! He was an Approved Driving Instructor and a , in his day. So, probably drives with more care and attention than most!! Jane… I think you were trying to be horrible. Hopefully, when you get older you won’t be treated with the same dismissive attitude.

  3. Catherine, in no way was Jane’s comment addressing his intelligence. Quick thought processes and reactions are what are needed for safe driving. You say yourself that he was a driving instructor “in his day” – but he won’t be driving as nearly as often now I wouldn’t think. He might be a good driver as far 77 yr olds go but the shopping centre is a very busy place.

  4. I think Man and Jane need to take a reality check themselves, this gentleman is 77 not 107 if you have gained the skills and road worthy knowledge to become an advance driving instructor this experience does not just vanish because you reach a certain age, why would he not be driving regularly where’s the quick thought and process in this remark??? I have experienced all sorts of bad driving when going regularly to the Willowbrook Centre and believe it or not the worst being young men & women under the age of 77 how shocking!! The real issue is this gentleman received a fine and was penialised for not displaying his disability badge, I believe if you can prove you have the necessary documentation, the Willowbrrok Centre should use there discration to revoke the fine.

  5. Get it into your heads. You can’t be “fined” at the Willow Brook Centre. Treat that piece of paper as rubbish and destroy it.