[Forum] “Poor service” as last posting time at Baileys Court changed to 4.15pm

Collection times shown on a Royal Mail post box at Baileys Court, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Just noticed that the Royal Mail seems to have changed the last posting times at Baileys Court from 6pm to 4.15pm – really poor service in my opinion. What do others think?

Always lots of people posting down there just before 6pm. We already have a very poor post office service, particularly in the south of Bradley Stoke. Now we can’t even post things out at the end of the working day.


Ed: Collection times have also changed at several other post boxes in Bradley Stoke and Little Stoke. Here is a list compiled by our staff and readers (provided without liability):

  • Bowsland Way (near Paddock Close): Mon-Fri 5.15pm; Sat 12.130pm
  • Woodlands Lane (near Hawkley Drive): Mon-Fri 5.30pm; Sat 11.30am
  • Woodlands (near Beaufort Park): Mon-Fri 6pm; Sat none
  • Woodlands Lane (near Woodlands Park): Mon-Fri 5.30pm; Sat 12.15pm
  • Bradley Pavilions (Tesco Express): Mon-Fri 5.15pm; Sat 11.45pm
  • Courtlands: Mon-Fri 4.30pm; Sat 12 noon
  • Willow Brook Centre: Mon-Fri 4.30pm; Sat 11.30am
  • Linden Drive: Mon-Fri 4.15pm; Sat 11.15am
  • Baileys Court Road (near Sherbourne Avenue): Mon-Fri 4.15pm; Sat 11.45am
  • Baileys Court (Tesco Express): Mon-Fri 4.15pm; Sat 12.15pm
  • Baileys Court Road (near Huckley Way): Mon-Fri 4.15pm; Sat 12 noon
  • Webbs Wood Road (near Lavender Way): Mon-Fri 9am; Sat 7am
  • Gloucester Road (near The Common): Mon-Fri 4.30pm; Sat 11.45am
  • Chelford Grove: Mon-Fri 4.45pm; Sat 12 noon
  • Stoke Lane (near Bourton Avenue): Mon-Fri 4.45pm; Sat 12 noon
  • Little Stoke Lane (near Brockley Close): Mon-Fri 9am; Sat 7am
  • Little Stoke Post Office (Kingsway): Mon-Fri 5pm; Sat 12.15pm

Maps showing locations of post boxes:

N.B. Collection times shown on the above maps may be inaccurate.

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  1. Thanks to everyone who helped compile the list of collection times. The results show that, after the recent changes, none of the post boxes in central or south Bradley Stoke has a Mon-Fri collection time later than 4.30pm.

    If you need a later collection, you are faced with a journey to north Bradley Stoke (6pm latest) or the Bristol Mail Centre on Gloucester Road (7pm).