Scouts have fun on and in the water!

1st Bradley Stoke Scouts rafting at West Country Water Park, Bristol.

The 1st Bradley Stoke Scouts have been undertaking a number of water based activities this month. Firstly, they learnt how to row a large boat in Bristol harbour. Not as easy as it seemed, although once they all started pulling at the same time, they found it much easier. The instructors also learnt to duck after being hit a couple of times by oars from over enthusiastic scouts!

The Scouts then spent some time at West Country Water Park in Trench Lane, just outside Bradley Stoke. Here they learnt how to build rafts before taking them to the water. Once on the lake, there was an opportunity to test how strong their lashings had been. Sadly, some needed to be that little bit tighter and a couple of the rafts slowly fell apart, resulting in wet but very happy and smiling Scouts!

The raft building is one of the new activities delivered by our own on-the-water section led by instructors Mike and Tomi. They are gradually getting more and more equipment but if you happen to have a genuine low mileage kayak (no doubt paddled by a little old lady to church each week!) that is in need of a permanent home, or indeed would like to join the team as an on-the-water instructor, please get in touch with them through their website at

They are also looking for adult volunteers to support the traditional sections in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, so please contact them on the same link. With sections meeting every week day, there will be a volunteering opportunity for you.

1st Bradley Stoke Scouts rafting at West Country Water Park, Bristol.

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