[Forum] Appeal for witnesses to vicious dog attack on Braydon Avenue

Vicious dog.

Last night our cat was subjected to a vicious dog attack. It happened on the footpath adjacent to the doctors’ surgery on Braydon Avenue.

The fire brigade were called to rescue her from a tree after she climbed up to escape the attack.

Following the incident, neither the dog nor the owner were anywhere to be seen.

Peanut spent the night at the vets and the latest update is that her palate has been split in two, she has a badly damaged eye and is in considerable pain from other injuries. She is to be operated on this morning and we can only hope that she will be ok.

My concern is that the footpath is used regularly by dog walkers, families, joggers etc., and if a dog can attack like this, I dread to think of the consequences if a child were attacked.

These people didn’t even have the decency to stay behind to apologise.

Needless to say, myself and my partner are distraught.

Peanut is loved by everyone around her as she is such a little character.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact Rob on 07920 829407.

Any information received will be passed to the local dog warden.

Jan & Rob

Archive image: Vicious dog. [Credit: S. Carter; licence: CC BY-SA 2.0; link: https://flic.kr/p/4FRdPG]

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  1. Hi Jenny
    We presume it was seen by ‘someone’ as Rob was told Peanut was attacked by a dog … and that is all we have to go on. Hence this appeal for anyone to come forward. But there was no dog anywhere on the scene by the time Rob got there. We would, however like to thank the lady that came and knocked on our door, she probably saved Peanut’s life

  2. the forums have come up trumps…we have had some info on the dog and the owner and will now be passing this on to the relevant authorities and hopefully get this dangerous animal off the streets…thanks for all the responses we have had and we will keep you all updated with her progress

  3. I regularly walk my dog in this area and around the playing fields and know a lot of dog owners – and a few fairly untrained that walk this area, dogs – A description of the dog may help?