Dorothy Perkins and Burton to open within Bradley Stoke Tesco Extra store

Artist's impression of new Dorothy Perkins and Burton outlets within the Tesco Extra Store in Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Tesco has revealed plans to open Dorothy Perkins and Burton outlets on the mezzanine (upper) floor of its Bradley Stoke Extra store.

The new stores will be constructed in the space that is currently occupied by the consumer electronics department and the Tesco Phone shop.

Tesco’s own F&F brand clothing will continue to be sold in the area that it currently occupies (on the right when reaching the top of the ‘up’ escalator).

The Tesco Phone shop will be relocated to an area near the tobacco kiosk on the ground floor. Electrical goods are also moving to the ground floor, although it is understood that a smaller range will be carried.

The Tesco Click & Collect desk is moving to the rear of the store, near the photo processing concession.

It is understood that the Dorothy Perkins and Burton outlets will open on 12th October.

Artist's impression of new Dorothy Perkins and Burton outlets within the Tesco Extra Store in Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Images: Artist’s impressions on display at the Tesco Extra store (click to enlarge).

Source: Public display within the Tesco Extra store. All information subject to confirmation.

• In a reader poll conducted by The Journal during August and September 2013, a ‘clothing store’ was the second-highest ranked type of store that participants said they would like to see open at the Willow Brook Centre.

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  1. Surely Dorothy Perkins/Burtons should have opened an Outlet store in one of the large stores in the Willow Brook Centre? With F&F still open it is not going to be good for them.

    Why didn’t Tesco’s install their coffee shop, Harris&Hoole, or food chain, Giraffe, in this area.

    This plan just sounds silly for both parties!

  2. Simon, I think I recall reading somewhere that Tesco aren’t allowed to open their own café, as part of the agreement with the overall Willow Brook centre site, ostensibly to allow smaller food outlets to compete? Maybe somebody could confirm if this is true?

  3. I’m surprised that Tesco hasn’t taken advantage of the “future proofing” that was built into the design allowing for the 1st floor in the store to be extended across to meet the 1st floor where the toilets are. This would provide more space for these clothing outlets (and more) whilst maintaining the range of goods that Tesco currently sell.

  4. Update on the Bradley Stoke Tesco Extra refit:

    * Click & Collect has now relocated to back of store (near photo processing)
    * New F & F section to be completed by 12th October
    * Dorothy Perkins / Burton to open 26th October
    * Tesco Phone Shop still open upstairs but moving downstairs
    * All work to be completed by 2nd November

  5. Further update: The opening of the Dorothy Perkins and Burton outlets on the first floor has been put back to Monday 2nd November (according to in-store signs).

  6. Jim- Tesco complained that a 2 man-band fruit and veg outlet was affecting their sales and go them shut down. Since that, we don’t shop there anymore £100/week, and go to ASDA instead.

    ADSA Petrol is also cheaper, wish we’d changed years ago.

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