New set of Aztec West Roundabout roadworks likely to last a whole year from spring 2016

Sign advertising consultation on a road widening scheme at the Aztec West Roundabout.

Latest scheme, which is additional to MetroBus, necessary to “mitigate impact of new development,” says council.

A scheme to widen the A38 southbound approach to the Aztec West Roundabout and install new light-controlled crossings for pedestrians and cyclists across three arms of the roundabout looks set to be implemented from spring next year, with the work expected to last 12 months.

The project is being funded as part of a £18.1 million Growth Deal award made to the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership for the period 2016 to 2021, announced in January 2015.

In a ‘statement of reasons’ document published as part of a public consultation that it has opened on the proposals, South Gloucestershire Council says the work is necessary to “mitigate the impact of traffic arising from new developments”, such as the Cribbs/Patchway New Neighbourhood where 5,700 new homes are expected to be constructed by 2027.

The document adds: “The council recognises that the works may cause some disruption and will endeavour to minimise their impact. Further specific details regarding traffic management plans and timescales for the works will be published nearer the time.”

The council says the works are being planned “in coordination” with the MetroBus project that has recently commenced (and involves a significant amount of construction activity very close to the roundabout, particularly on the Bradley Stoke Way arm), but points out that they must be delivered as separate projects.

“This is because they are significantly different in terms of their scope and funding availability. This project also has major differences in utility works that could have a significant impact on the MetroBus programme if the two projects were linked.”

Features of the proposed scheme include:

  • Widening of the A38 approach to the roundabout from the North (from Junction 16) to provide six lanes entering the junction (compared to the existing four). This will enable two lanes to be dedicated to each of the key traffic movements (left to Bradley Stoke Way, straight on to the A38 towards Filton, and right turn to the Aztec West Business Park).
  • Widening of the eastern side of the circulatory carriageway to provide four lanes through this part of the roundabout (two serving the straight on movement to the A38 south and Filton, and two serving the right turn into Aztec West Business Park).

A full description of the scheme, along with a detailed drawing, can be found on the council’s website at

Responses to the consultation can be made by email, post or phone (01454 863717) and must be received by 18th September.

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  1. Why they don’t just get rid of the roundabout and put light controlled crossroads in instead is beyond me. What’s the betting that they’ll be widening it to 8 lanes in 2018?

  2. It amazes me every two or three years major enhancements are made to this roundabout, and none of them makes a difference to the the traffic, it just gets worse.

    The ultimate solution has be to move traffic away more quickly.

    The traffic lights on the M5 roundabout and Bradley Stoke Way, must be used to help remove traffic more quickly and get rid of the traffic lights on the roundabout.

    At the moment, the M5 traffic lights and those on Bradley Stoke Way/Woodlands road are the real causes of the traffic jams on the Aztech roundabout.

  3. As someone who has the misfortune to use this roundabout (approaching from the M5), I can state categorically that many of the problems stem from traffic emerging from the Bradley Stoke side who, for reasons known only to themselves, believe that (a) red traffic signals don’t apply to them and (b) the yellow hatched area on the roundabout itself is merely decorative.

    So not only do they jump the signals but they then sit and block it all up.

    I would urge the Police to camp out there on an evening; they’d make an absolute killing dishing out £80 FPN’s.

  4. Most of the traffic jams are due to motorists leaving Aztec and mixing with those leaving Bristol on the A38 and wanting to join the M5 going north. Three lanes jam up completely. The new scheme does not provide more lanes. 3 as before. What do you expect from South Glos council. Their engineers are all PC but not technically competent.

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