Local events to explain proposed changes to waste collection service

Diagram showing the average volume of black bin waste in a 240 litre bin and the same waste in a 140 litre bin. (South Gloucestershire Council, 2015).

Bradley Stoke residents have two further opportunities in the coming days to hear more about proposed changes to South Gloucestershire Council’s waste collection service that could see a significant reduction in the size of the black ‘residual waste’ bin provided to households.

In an effort to reduce waste, increase recycling rates and make further savings of £1 million per annum by 2019, the council is proposing a series of measures that include:

  • Increasing the recycling collection frequency to weekly, on the same day for all material
  • Replacing the current recycling bags with containers
  • No longer requiring residents to sort the different types of recyclable material (this would be done by collection crews)
  • Replacing the existing 240 litre black bin with a smaller 140 litre bin for most households (the bins would continue to be collected fortnightly)

No changes to the subscription-only garden waste collection service are included in the proposals.

Full details of the proposed changes are detailed in the council’s draft Waste Strategy 2015-2020, which is currently the subject of public consultation that runs until 15th February 2016.

Residents are invited to hear a short presentation on the proposals at a meeting of Bradley Stoke Town Council’s Planning Committee on Wednesday (25th November). The meeting takes place at the Jubilee Centre BS32 8HL, starting at 7pm.

They can also find out more at a roadshow being held at the Willow Brook Centre on Saturday (28th November), between 10am and 5pm.

Image: Diagram showing the average volume of black bin waste in a 240 litre bin and the same waste in a 140 litre bin (excludes recyclable waste placed in black bins that could have been recycled – on average 52% of the bin content, according to council figures for 2014).

Consultation page: South Gloucestershire’s Waste Strategy 2015 – 2020

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