Mayor attends Holi festival in Bradley Stoke

Bradley Stoke Mayor Roger Avenin attends a Holi celebration.

Town Mayor Roger Avenin recently attended a community event to mark ‘Holi‘ in Bradley Stoke. The South Gloucestershire Asian Project had utilised publicly available backing from Bradley Stoke Town Council’s grant funding, which supports non-profit organisations and community groups.

The Mayor was invited along with other councillors to partake in the event.

Cllr Avenin commented:

“I would like to publicly thank the South Gloucestershire Asian Project for their invitation and generous hospitality at their recent Holi celebrations.”

“I had a very enjoyable day learning about Holi, a Hindu spring festival. The event began with very traditional Indian food and dancing. Afterwards, I had the pleasure of joining in with the ‘playing with colours’, where colourful powder is thrown over people; it was a new and enjoyable experience for myself.”

If you are a member of a community organisation that is not-for-profit or charitable, you too may be able to access grant funding provided by Bradley Stoke Town Council. For more information, visit the Grant Funding page on the council’s website, or phone 01454 205020.

Bradley Stoke Mayor Roger Avenin attends a Holi celebration.

Source: Press release from Bradley Stoke Town Council.

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