Bradley Stoke MetroBus: Progress and plans

MetroBus construction work on Bradley Stoke Way.

The zebra crossing at Patchway Brook Roundabout was reopened on 25th April, following a wait for South Gloucestershire Council’s StreetCare service to connect the electrical supply for the Belisha beacons. As planned, the temporary pedestrian crossing at Orchard Gate was then closed, to allow the construction area to be extended on the north side of Bradley Stoke Way.

Newly-authorised extended working hours, for Zone A (Aztec West Roundabout to Patchway Brook Roundabout) have so far only been used on Saturdays, because Griffiths say the availability of work within this zone is limited, “aside from the area to complete that is dependent on Bristol Water’s progress with the water main diversion near the Woodlands Lane junction”. Any delays here in the overall programme have been mitigated by continuing into the next phase (further down Bradley Stoke Way) ahead of schedule, with the appropriate planning consent.

Unfortunately, a recent programme update from Bristol Water has extended their anticipated period of work to mid-August, after which Griffiths will require four to six weeks to complete the Woodlands Lane junction. Consequently, it will now not be possible to fully reopen the Woodlands Lane junction in time for the start of the new school year in September, as stated at the public meeting held in February.

It is hoped, however, that the unsignalised ‘left-turn out’ of Woodlands Lane can be reopened in early June.

The nearside lane of the westbound carriageway approaching Aztec West from Bradley Stoke Way will be closed to allow Bristol Water to continue essential work on the verge. Once this is complete, Griffiths will need to continue work on the road widening to the verge. This lane closure, which is now anticipated to be needed until October, is necessary to act as a safety lane and provide an access point for machinery.

Revised phasing plans for Zone A have been published and may be viewed on the Griffiths community website at

Work to construct temporary access and egress routes at the Orchard Gate junction are expected to start in late May. These routes will remain in use until road reconstruction works are completed sometime in June.

Once Bristol Water has completed its work, widening of the south side of Bradley Stoke Way will commence (phase 4.1), between the Orchard Gate junction and the Aztec West Roundabout. This will necessitate a footway diversion via Oaktree Crescent.

Newt trapping has continued along the section of Bradley Stoke Way between Primrose Bridge and the leisure centre. This activity is weather-dependent as 30 days of trapping are required before construction can commence, but days when overnight temperatures drop below 5 degrees Celsius cannot be counted. Griffiths are hopeful that work in this new section can commence at the end of May.

The first stage of this work will involve erecting temporary Heras fencing down to the pedestrian crossing near the Willow Brook Centre (where the path leads down into the nature reserve).

A condition on the MetroBus planning permission required the creation of a new pond within the nature reserve, as mitigation for the loss of vegetation on Bradley Stoke Way. Working with ecological consultants EcoVigor, Griffiths have dug out a cavity for a pond in Bowsland Meadow. This has now been lined and encircled with planting that will, in time, create a native species hedgerow.

Work on a new MetroBus bus stop immediately outside the Willow Brook centre is nearing completion, pending the installation of an electrical supply. The traffic cones and pedestrian diversion near this site are expected to be removed in early June.

Moving down to Great Stoke Way (the ‘blue bridge’ road), Griffiths say work on the central reservation will be completed by the first week in June. Resurfacing of the northbound carriageway will then be started, with completion anticipated by the end of June.

Griffiths now say that their work on the Bradley Stoke MetroBus route should be finished by “early 2017”, which is a slip on their original aim of “end of 2016”, but still within the timeframe required by their contract with SGC.

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Postscript: The ‘left turn out’ from Woodlands Lane onto Bradley Stoke Way reopened on Tuesday 31st May. See photo and comments on the BSJ Facebook page:

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