MetroBus to introduce 24-hour temporary traffic lights on BSW from Monday

MetroBus construction work at the southern end of Bradley Stoke Way.

Motorists using the southern end of Bradley Stoke Way (BSW) could be faced with extra delays for the next two weeks after MetroBus contractors Alun Griffiths announced they will need to introduce 24-hour temporary traffic lights on the approach to Great Stoke Roundabout (a.k.a. Rabbit Roundabout).

The company had previously given an assurance that temporary traffic lights, if needed at all in this location, would only be used at off-peak times.

The change of plan is said to be a consequence of design changes which require additional excavation work to be carried out.

A spokesperson for Alun Griffiths said:

“A large drainage excavation is required along the footway between Great Meadow and Great Stoke Roundabouts. Design changes are required due to underground services and the area required for root protection of certain species of tree. A 4m-deep excavation is required adjacent to the carriageway and a redesign has now been provided. This is different from our original scope, so 24-hour two-way temporary traffic lights are now required to cover the area of approximately 40 metres of road. This will not affect access to The Worthys.”

“To complete this work as safely as possible we will need to close the southbound lane at this point and use temporary traffic lights for a period of two weeks. We shall endeavour to complete this work and remove the traffic management earlier than the two-week period. Currently we are seeking to begin this work from Monday 12th June until Friday 23rd June. The lights will be manually controlled during peak hours 7am-9.30am and 3.30pm-6pm.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.”

The news comes just weeks after Alun Griffiths announced that work in the same area had been “re-sequenced”, meaning that it will now extend into August instead of being finished by the end of May (the scheduled completion date given at a public meeting in January).

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  1. This is getting ridiculous, we are over two years into a transport build to add a dozen fancy bus stops and a few stretches of bus lanes.

    Surely it would have been quicker and cheaper to lay a tunnel from Cribbs Causeway, Aztech West, Willow Brook, Bristol Parkway, etc and have a better train service from Bristol Parkway

  2. MetroBus is a true microcosm of a typical UK Infrastructure Project.

    Hopelessly Late, Hopelessly over budget, Poorly managed, planned and Executed and the wrong choice of solution in the first place!!

  3. I totally agree, this is one of the worst transport projects ever planned and implemented.

    If they want to get buses popular, define 10 routes that run at 15 minute intervals linking 5-10 stops only and make them free. All other buses, running local routes, would be paid for as normal.

    This would persuade people to use buses!

  4. UPDATE (26/06/17): We were told that 24-hour temporary traffic lights would be used at the southern end of Bradley Stoke Way for a two-week period starting Monday 12th June. They didn’t materialise, but have now arrived on site and have been in use for part of today (Monday 26th June). MetroBus contractors Griffiths say the delay was due to “further design issues” and that the lights are now likely to be in place until 7th July. They add that “the lights will be removed at peak times, where possible”.

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