Update from SGC on the Aztec West Roundabout / A38 southbound widening scheme

Sign advertising consultation on a road widening scheme at the Aztec West Roundabout.

Work on this non-MetroBus project commenced in May 2016 and was estimated to last 12 to 18 months.

In response to an enquiry from the Journal asking if it is now complete, an SGC spokesperson said:

“All of the major construction work relating to the original programme has been substantially completed within the £4.5m budget and on time.”

“A small number of outstanding items remain, including the erection of advanced direction signs, which are on order. This work will not impact traffic flows during peak times.”

“A project of this size requires the completion of a post-construction ‘road safety audit’ which has also been requested. It is hoped that the remaining items and any issues arising from the road safety audit will be completed in the new year.”

There has been a series of major faults with the new traffic signals on the Aztec West Roundabout since these were installed as part of the scheme.

A full description of the scheme, along with a detailed drawing, can be found on the council’s website at http://bit.ly/aztec-1508

See also: Aztec West Roundabout A38 Southbound Widening Scheme (The Journal)

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One comment

  1. On the councils own website it states “This will enable two lanes to be dedicated to each of the key traffic movements (left to Bradley Stoke Way, straight on to the A38 towards Filton, and right turn to the Aztec West Business Park).”

    This is a bit of a failure for two reasons:

    Firstly the volume of traffic in the evening trying to get to Bradley Stoke Way far outweighs the traffic going down the Woodlands Lane left hand. This often results in it backing up to the M5 junction which in turn doesn’t allow any traffic in the other southbound lane to Woodlands negating its effectiveness.
    Quite often when you come off the M5 in the evening there are five empty lanes and the lane to Bradley Stoke is backed right up to the M5 junction!

    The other reason is that instead of putting in a laybay for the bus stop on the stretch just after the roundabout , buses , that are quite often stopped there, block that left hand lane for traffic turning down Woodlands adding to the problem!

    There should be two dedicated lanes each way for Bradley Stoke traffic to/from the Aldi roundabout to the Aztec West roundabout. This would also alleviate the chronic problem of getting out of BS in the morning as well. But no they didn’t listen to objections and put in a Bus Lane, (which still isn’t being used) that will carry people to the Mall, which is going to be pretty much useless in the morning during the rush hour anyway for all those trying to get to the motorway from Bradley Stoke.

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