Scout leader honoured with Medal of Merit

Photo of Dave Pace (right) receiving his award from Clive Mason.

Clive Mason of 1st Bradley Stoke Scouts writes: As Group Scout Leader, I’m delighted to report that Dave Pace, Assistant Group Scout Leader (Cubs), was recently presented with a Scout Association Medal of Merit for outstanding service to Scouting. The citation is as follows:

“Dave is the longest serving volunteer with 1st Bradley Stoke Scout Group and is rightly seen as one of its ‘rocks’!  Volunteering since at least 2000, Dave has been supporting the success of the Group both at section level and as part of the management team.  Not only is Dave a highly experienced and capable section leader, as an Assistant Group Scout Leader and Training Advisor, he regularly takes on additional responsibilities above and beyond what is normally expected of a volunteer.”

“He has also frequently represented and successfully lead the Group’s involvement in numerous district and county events (including organising and managing involvement in several jamborees).  Behind the scenes, he has been fundamental in supporting me both as a Group Chair between 2009-2013 and Group Scout Leader from 2013 to date.”

“Dave is full-time employed and the father of six children (all who’ve been involved or are still involved in Scouting), yet his commitment to Scouting never waivers.  In addition, his long-suffering wife Michelle also regularly supports the Group (particularly when Group mass catering is required)!”

Photo of Calleigh Pace with her Chief Scout's Bronze Award certificate.

“Dave’s contribution to the Group’s significant success and growth since 2009 cannot be underestimated.  His analytical, quiet, calm… yet authoritative approach has been crucial in supporting me as my ‘right hand man’, the whole leadership team and Scouting development in the community.  As a result, he thoroughly deserves to be recognised for his contribution to Scouting in general.”

In the same week, Dave’s youngest daughter Calleigh, was also presented with The Chief Scout’s Bronze Award.  This is the highest award that a Beaver Scout can attain.  She worked very hard over the past two years to complete her adventure, outdoors, personal, skill, teamwork and world challenge badges.

A true Scouting family and success story!

Photos: 1 Dave Pace (right) receiving his award from Clive Mason. 2 Calleigh Pace with her Chief Scout’s Bronze Award certificate.

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