Ofsted success for Baileys Court Primary

Photo of pupils and staff celebrating the school's recent 'good' report.

Staff and pupils at Baileys Court Primary School in Bradley Stoke are celebrating after receiving a  positive report from Ofsted.

Inspectors visited the school in December 2017 for a ‘short inspection’ and awarded an overall rating of ‘good’. This was the first inspection carried out since the school was judged to be ‘good’ in March 2013.

The report praised the school’s leadership and management, stating: “The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the previous inspection. The school’s action plan is precise and leaders, including the governing body, monitor each action to ensure that it is bringing about the necessary changes.”

It also noted that the areas for improvement identified at the last inspection have been addressed effectively.

Inspectors found that staff spoke very highly of the school, noting: “Staff are overwhelmingly positive about the school and feel proud to work there. They report that leaders are supportive and help them achieve their best. Consequently, teachers are highly motivated and respond positively to initiatives and well-planned professional development.”

The report also recognised praise from parents: “Parents especially appreciate the extra support and care given to those pupils who may struggle, with one parent reporting how well staff ‘make so much extra effort to help my child grow’.” Another parent stated: “I can’t recommend this school highly enough! My three children have been through the school. The teaching is and always has been excellent. My children have all thrived there.”

Headteacher Andrew Lynham said:

“As a school we are delighted with the report and outcomes of the inspection. We are particularly pleased that Ofsted recognise what a safe and happy place our school is and the fact that our children do so well with their academic and holistic development.”

“We really value the dedication of everyone in our school community. It is everyone’s commitment and hard work over many years that has contributed to making our school the successful and happy learning environment that it is.”

To ascertain that the school remained good, Ofsted’s inspectors looked at how successful school leaders have been at ensuring that pupils’ progress in writing was fast enough and whether pupils with special education needs made progress that was in line with their peers. The final line of enquiry was to see how well the school had reduced the rate of persistent absence for disadvantaged pupils.

The inspectors found that: “Whole-school strategies to develop pupils’ ability to edit and improve their writing are highly effective.”

They went on to say that: “The teaching of writing is consistently strong across the school.” Concluding that: “Teachers insist that pupils apply their writing skills to produce work of a high quality.”

Regarding disadvantaged pupils and pupils with special educational needs, Ofsted found that: “The small numbers of disadvantaged pupils in most year groups make similar and sometimes better progress than their peers.”

The school’s vigilant approach in ensuring that all groups of pupils attend regularly has paid dividends, with the report stating: “Attendance has improved over the last year and is continuing to improve further. Pupils’ attendance is currently in line with the national average and there is no discernible difference between rates of absence for disadvantaged pupils and others in the school.”

Two potential areas for improvement identified by the inspectors are refining teachers’ assessments of pupils’ writing at the end of Key Stage 2, so that it is a more accurate reflection of what pupils know, understand and can do; and ensuring that the differences between the progress of pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities and others diminish at a faster rate, particularly in mathematics.

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