Achievements, Milestones and Statistics

Google News

Articles from the Bradley Stoke Journal have been listed in Google News since early 2012. We’re extremely proud of this achievement as, in Google’s own words, it endorses the quality and timeliness of our news content and acknowledges our authority, expertise and high journalistic standards.

A search for “Bradley Stoke” in Google News will typically see the majority of the first page results coming from The Journal, with perhaps one or two coming from the Bristol Post or BBC Bristol.

A new high was recorded on 5th December 2012 when articles from the Bradley Stoke Journal occupied all ten of the top ten positions in Google News for the search term “Bradley Stoke”!

Google News search results for the term "Bradley Stoke".
Google News search results for the term “Bradley Stoke”, recorded on 5th December 2012. All of the top ten articles are from the Bradley Stoke Journal.

Website Statistics

According to our web server statistics, the Bradley Stoke Journal website receives around 1.15 million hits every month.

We prefer to measure our success by the widely respected Google Analytics software, which shows us that in November 2012 we had:

  • 28,435 visits
  • 16,587 unique visitors
  • 49,467 pageviews
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