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[Forum] ‘No cold calling’ zones: Let residents decide

Posted on Thursday 28th November 2013 at 9:45 pm by JLo (Forum)

A "no doorstep traders" sign from South Gloucestershire Council.

I live on Juniper Way and we are often harassed by cold caller of one type or another. I have a very blunt sign on my door (as do many of my neighbours) which spells out what we don’t want. So religions, chuggers utilities can’t argue that it doesn’t apply as they aren’t selling anything. It’s no good pretending you aren’t home when the JWs call for instance. They have lists and will keep coming back until you answer the door.

Now I hate this. The signs keep some of the pests away, but they make us look so unfriendly. Some similar streets in Bradley have been designated official no cold calling zones. We applied, but were rejected as it wasn’t a high crime street. Everyone hates being confronted at the door. Why can’t we as residents decide what’s right for us. I’ve met shift workers, people with babies, those with serious illnesses/disabilities etc. It’s not just a matter of saying “NO” at the door. It’s extremely disruptive. Anyone else feel this way?


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[Forum] Do we need “no cold calling” zones in Bradley Stoke?

Posted on Saturday 30th June 2012 at 3:53 pm by Toxteth O'Grady (Forum)

A "no doorstep traders" sign from South Gloucestershire Council.

Is it about time we made other areas in Bradley Stoke “no cold calling” zones?

Despite having a Trading Standards sticker on my door saying that salespeople can’t call without an appointment, I am continually having to tell traders that I’m not interesting in anything they have to sell.

Just today, Safestyle called and were rather sarcastic and rude when I said I wasn’t interested … and it’s a repeating occurrence around Juniper Way/Fennell Drive.

Is anybody else around the “Spices” area having the same issue? Robert Jones is the local councillor – How do we begin the process of stopping people knocking on our doors?

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[Forum] Is Tesco getting too pricey?

Posted on Thursday 13th January 2011 at 1:02 pm by Steve (Forum)

I have decided to shop elsewhere (Aldi) as I feel that Tesco’s are taking us for mugs with their increasing prices. Even their “Sale” prices have been increased before the sale price has been added. I have heard from numerous other people who are now beginning to shop at Aldi and it is quite easy to save £30 on a weekly shop. Just wondering what other people thought!

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Patchway fireworks shop opens today (North Bristol)

Posted on Monday 25th October 2010 at 6:50 am by SH (Editor)

[Advertising feature from the Fireworks Direct store, Patchway, Bristol.]

The Fireworks Direct store in Patchway, North Bristol, opens its doors today (Monday 25th October 2010) for a two-week trading period.

Whether you are having a Guy Fawkes party at home or taking fireworks to your friends, don’t miss the opportunity to buy all your display-quality fireworks from our store at Coniston Road (just off Patchway Roundabout) [map].

We sell everything from large single rockets to multi-shot cakes, single ignition and selection boxes, down to simple sparklers. We have the lot – all at discount prices!

Be the envy of your neighbours and have your own private display at home. Fun for all the family.

The Patchway Fireworks Direct shop is fully licensed and registered with South Gloucestershire Council for the sale of fireworks.

Trading hours are 10am to 10pm Monday to Sunday, between Monday 25th October and Sunday 7th November.

All fireworks sold comply with British Standard BS 7114.

Have a great Guy Fawkes night and remember to be safe and to follow the Firework Code.

Fireworks Shop, Patchway, Bristol

The Fireworks Direct store is easily accessed from the A38 Gloucester Road (from Thornbury, Almondsbury and Aztec West to the North and Filton, Southmead and Horfield to the south).

It is also accessible from Cribbs Causeway, Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze along Highwood Road, which links The Mall to the A38.

Related link: Firework displays in Almondsbury, Bradley Stoke, Little Stoke, Stoke Gifford and the surrounding area.

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