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The Filton-Patchway and Stokes Freecycle group has over 700 members and was opened just over three years ago. It covers the areas of Filton, Patchway, Bradley Stoke, Little Stoke, Harry Stoke, Stoke Gifford, and Stoke Lodge but anyone is welcome to join. Freecycle forms part of a world wide network of people interested in keeping usable items out of landfill sites. Each group is local and It works on the theory that one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. Most of us have clutter taking up valuable space, or have had something that’s unsuitable for a charity shop but far too good to throw away. Filton Patchway and Stokes freecycle can help you get rid of items not needed anymore to someone that could put that item to good use. All sorts of things are offered anything from a pot plant to garden tools, household items, and furniture we have even had a car, a trailer and a kitchen. All the items have to be is Free!

So how does it work?

Filton-Patchway and Stokes Freecycle is a local internet message board. If you have an item to get rid of, you simply post a message saying offer, what the item is and what area you live in. For example’ Offer ironing board Patchway’ Other members of the group view your message via the message board and, if they are interested in the item they can email you via the group to request it. You then choose who you would like to offer the item too, email the lucky recipient and arrange to have the item collected at a convenient time to you. The exchange of addresses and phone number is done privately so your privacy is not compromised. If you are in need of a non luxury item you can post one wanted request per week asking for an item. For example wanted ironing board Patchway – happy to collect. You may well get lucky. Every item must be given for free and money is never exchanged. Local charity and community groups are also very welcome to join and offer and request items for your projects.

The group is free to join, free to use and every item offered/given must also be free!

Come and join us today!

UPDATE: Filton-Patchway & Stokes South Glos Reutilize is now part of the UK based re-use organisation Freegle. We have taken the opportunity to modernise the group, including renaming it as Filton Patchway & Stokes (South Glos) Freegle. The area that we cover will remain the same.

The new group address is:

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