2011 District and Town Elections

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On Thursday 5th May 2011 all of the seats for South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) and Bradley Stoke Town Council (BSTC) will be up for election.

Councillors will be elected to serve a four year term of office.

The national referendum on whether to adopt an alternative vote system for parliamentary elections is also being held on the same day.

The Notice of Election will be published on Thursday 24th March 2011 and nominations can be accepted from this point until the deadline on Monday 4th April 2011.

The deadline for voter registration is Thursday 14th April 2011. If you are unsure whether you are registered to vote please contact the SGC helpline on 01454 863030.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm and the counting of votes will take place at 29 count locations across the district on the night of Thursday 5th May 2011.

Live Bradley Stoke Election Results: Follow us on Twitter (@TheBSJournal) for live results from the count at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre, starting at 10:30pm on Thursday 5th May.


More info:

Brook Way Polling Station, Bradley Stoke

Bradley Stoke: Candidates for the 2011 Elections

Key: Con=Conservative, Ind=Independent, Lab=Labour,  Lib=Liberal Democrat


South Gloucestershire Council

Bradley Stoke North (1 seat) [1xCon, 1xLab, 1xLib]

Bradley Stoke Central and Stoke Lodge (2 seats)  [2xCon, 2xLab, 2xLib, 1xInd]

Bradley Stoke South (2 seats) [2xCon, 2xLab, 2xLib]

Bradley Stoke Town Council

Baileys Court Ward (2 seats) [2xCon, 1xLab, 1xLib]

Lakeside Ward (2 seats) [2xCon, 1xLab]

Manor Farm Ward (1 seat) [1xCon, 1xLib]

Meadowbank Ward (2 seats) [2xCon, 2xLib]

Primrose Bridge Ward (4 seats) [4xCon, 4xLab, 1xLib]

Stoke Brook Ward (1 seat): [1xCon, 1xLab, 1Lib]

Woodlands Ward (3 seats) [3xCon, 1xLab]

Bradley Stoke: Results of Previous Elections

Key: Con=Conservative, Lib=Liberal Democrat


South Gloucestershire Council

Bradley Stoke North (1 seat): 2007 [1xLib]

Bradley Stoke Central and Stoke Lodge (2 seats): 2007 [2xCon]

Bradley Stoke South (2 seats): 2007 [2xCon]

See also: 1999 & 2003 results [PDF, 917KB]

Bradley Stoke Town Council

Baileys Court Ward (2 seats): 2007 uncontested [2xCon]

Lakeside Ward (2 seats): 2007 uncontested [2xCon]

Manor Farm Ward (1 seat): 2007 [1xLib]

Meadowbank Ward (2 seats): 2007 uncontested [2xCon]

Primrose Bridge Ward (4 seats): 2007 [4xCon]

Stoke Brook Ward (1 seat): 2007 uncontested [1xCon]

Woodlands Ward (3 seats): 2007 [2xCon, 1xLib]


  1. Cllr Ronnie Conway-Haskins, elected as a Liberal Democrat in the Woodlands Ward, resigned from the party in 2008.
  2. Since the 2007 election, two by-elections have been held [2008, 2009] for seats in the Meadowbank ward. Now [1xCon, 1xLib].

Meet the Candidates

Bradley Stoke North

Jonathan Moore (Labour) Jonathan Moore (Labour)
Hopes: “To make a difference, fighting to bring local issues to the forefront.  While being the voice of the vulnerable, elderly and those needing help.”
Ben Walker (Conservative) Ben Walker (Conservative)
Jon Williams (Liberal Democrat) Jon Williams (Liberal Democrat)

Bradley Stoke Central and Stoke Lodge

David Addison (Labour) David Addison (Labour)
Hopes: “To encourage the increase of skilled and well paid jobs in South Gloucestershire, particularly in the manufacturing sector.”
Luis Cebrian (Liberal Democrat) Luis Cebrian (Liberal Democrat)
Dawn Clode (Liberal Democrat) Dawn Clode (Liberal Democrat)
Brian Hopkinsion (Conservative) Brian Hopkinson (Conservative)
Sarah Pomfret (Conservative) Sarah Pomfret (Conservative)
Stan Sims (Labour) Stan Sims (Labour)
Hopes: “To use my experience as a former councillor to give people in Bradley Stoke an effective voice to protect the services they rely on.”
Rebecca Strong (Independent) Rebecca Strong (Independent)
Occupation: Retired, occasional libray assistant
Aims: “To be a listening councillor, to improve the quality of life in this area, and to ensure council services are value for money.”

Bradley Stoke South

John Ashe (Conservative) John Ashe (Conservative)
Chris Devitt (Labour)
Hopes: “To make Bradley Stoke a better place to live by consulting with residents and offering them more ways to get involved with their town.”
Sarah Drake (Liberal Democrat) Sarah Drake (Liberal Democrat)
Phil Edwards (Labour) Phil Edwards (Labour)
Hopes: “To improve public transport and make it easier for people looking for work to travel around.”
Robert Jones (Conservative) Robert Jones (Conservative)
Sachin Singhal (Liberal Democrat) Sachin Singhal (Liberal Democrat)

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