2012 Meadowbank By-election

By-election resulting from the resignation of Barry Mitchell (Conservative), elected to serve the Meadowbank parish ward in May 2011.

Voting took place on Thursday 6th September 2012.

Official result:

  • Paul Hardwick (Conservative) 251
  • Caroline Sullivan (UKIP) 140
  • Robin Horsfall (Labour) 117


7th September: Result (see page 2) [PDF]

29th August: Notice of Poll [PDF]

9th August: Statement of Persons Nominated [PDF]

1st August: Notice of Election [PDF]

The Candidates

Paul Hardwick (Conservative)

Paul Hardwick’s statement to The Journal:

Paul Hardwick, Conservative candidate.

Paul Hardwick is campaigning hard on the issues that really matter to people in Bradley Stoke:

Fighting cuts to youth service funding for Bradley Stoke residents proposed by the Labour Party, supported by the Liberals on South Glos Council.

Supporting the new more frequent bus service from the southern part of Bradley Stoke into the city centre.

Campaigning in support of the Conservative-backed rapid transit scheme, put at risk by Labour who were thankfully outvoted by Conservative councillors at South Glos.

Faster broadband has taken another step forward, following continued campaigning by Paul and his Conservative colleagues.

He has been out meeting residents from day one of the campaign and will aim to call on every door before polling day.

And remember, Paul Hardwick is the only candidate at this by-election who lives in the ward, having lived in the local area for over 18 years.

Election Leaflet (30th August 2012) [PDF, 591kB]

Election Leaflet (10th August 2012) [PDF, 684kB]

Robin Horsfall (Labour)

Robin Horsfall’s statement to The Journal:

Robin Horsfall, Labour candidate.I have been a resident of South Gloucestershire for some 16 years and have been a Parish councillor and PC Chair. Since retiring from MOD I have been involved in a whole range of community, charitable and Trust committee activities, including the provision of youth facilities.

My priorities are the provision of youth and sporting facilities where they are woefully lacking. I do not believe that national party political issues should be an issue at Parish/Town level. I have always worked well with every shade of political opinion and, if elected, would do so again and eschew the party political point scoring that others indulge in.

Caroline Sullivan (UKIP)

Statement in an election leaflet issued by Caroline Sullivan:

Caroline Sullivan, UKIP candidate.“After nearly 20 years of front line service as a Prison Officer, I’m now a full time mother of two young children, so share the concerns facing us all, in these difficult times. I feel that a strong community spirit is essential in starting to restore public confidence, as a whole.”

“I believe that our community should, in turn, reflect us, the way we live, the way we communicate, the way we function. I wish to ensure that we continue to improve our overall community, enhancing our daily lives, here in Bradley Stoke.”

“Accordingly, I decided to stand for election as I now have the time, enthusiasm and commitment to work with you to try to bring these improvements for all our benefit.”

“Like many of my neighbours, we moved to Bradley Stoke when it was little more than a giant building site. Over the years we have witnessed a huge building program in our area. Despite the recent improvements in local infrastructure and public facilities, there is clearly more to be done to make our community safer, stronger and more vibrant.”

“By voting for me to represent you on our Town Council, you will be supporting someone who will fight, alongside our current UKIP Bradley Stoke Town Councillors, for your rights, values and beliefs.”

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Election letter (6th September 2012) [PDF, 748kB]

Election leaflet (20th August 2012) [PDF, 522kB]

By-election News

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