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2015 Town Elections

Brook Way Polling Station, Bradley Stoke

On Thursday 7th May 2015, all of the seats on Bradley Stoke Town Council (BSTC) will be up for election.

Councillors will be elected to serve a four year term of office.

The UK general election and the South Gloucestershire district elections are being held on the same day.

The Notice of Election will be published on Monday 23rd March 2015 and nominations can be accepted from this point until the deadline on Thursday 9th April 2015.

The deadline for voter registration is Monday 20th April 2015. If you are unsure whether you are registered to vote, please contact the SGC helpline on 01454 863030.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.

More info:

Candidates and results

Bradley Stoke Town Council, Baileys Court Ward (2 seats)

Statement of Persons Nominated

  • John Ashe (Conservative) 793 votes ELECTED
  • Roger Avenin (Conservative) 777 votes ELECTED
  • David Baksa (Labour) 555 votes

Bradley Stoke Town Council, Lakeside Ward  (2 seats)

Statement of Persons Nominated

  • Tom Crawley (UKIP) 228 votes
  • Fabrizio Fazzino (Labour) 354 votes
  • Robin Horsfall (Labour) 339 votes
  • Arthur Lau (Conservative) 717 ELECTED
  • Derrick Powell (UKIP) 216
  • Benjamin Randles (Conservative) 690 ELECTED

Bradley Stoke Town Council, Manor Farm Ward (1 seat)

Statement of Persons Nominated

  • Gurmit Gupta (Conservative) 362 Votes ELECTED
  • Ed Rose (UKIP) 141 votes

Bradley Stoke Town Council, Meadowbank Ward (2 seats)

Statement of Persons Nominated

  • Tom Aditya (Conservative) 806 votes ELECTED
  • Stephen Barr (UKIP) 417 votes
  • Paul Hardwick (Conservative) 818 votes ELECTED
  • Natasha Thwaites (UKIP) 350 votes

Bradley Stoke Town Council, Primrose Bridge Ward (4 seats)

Statement of Persons Nominated

  • Jon Butler (UKIP) 532 votes
  • Tony Griffiths (Conservative) 1109 votes ELECTED
  • Brian Hopkinson (Conservative) 972 votes ELECTED
  • Dayley Lawrence (Labour) 701 votes
  • Franklin Owusu-Antwi (Conservative) 923 votes ELECTED
  • Thomas Renhard (Labour) 643 votes
  • Andy Ward (Conservative) 955 votes ELECTED

Bradley Stoke Town Council, Stoke Brook Ward (1 seat)

Statement of Persons Nominated

  • Keith Cranney (Conservative) ELECTED UNCONTESTED

Bradley Stoke Town Council, Woodlands Ward (3 seats)

Statement of Persons Nominated

  • David Addison (Labour) 681 votes
  • Daniel Hardwick (Conservative) 843 votes ELECTED
  • Elaine Hardwick (Conservative) 773 votes ELECTED
  • Caroline Sullivan (UKIP) 361 votes
  • Ben Walker (UKIP) 584 votes
  • Marion Ward (Conservative) 682 votes ELECTED

Stoke Lodge and The Common Parish Council (9 seats)

  • Andrew Alsop (Conservative) 692 votes ELECTED
  • Steve Barr (UKIP) 317 votes
  • John Blight (Conservative) 523 votes ELECTED
  • John Bowyer (Conservative) 577 votes ELECTED
  • Jon Butler (UKIP) 320 votes
  • Andrew Dyer (Conservative) 501 votes ELECTED
  • Shirley Giles (Conservative) 584 votes ELECTED
  • TC Harrison-Ashe (Conservative) 512 votes ELECTED
  • Gina Hasler (Conservative) 496 votes ELECTED
  • Brian Hopkinson (Conservative) 643 votes ELECTED
  • Gary Hopwood (Labour) 373 votes
  • Ed Rose (UKIP) 271 votes
  • Brenda Stokes (Conservative) 539 votes ELECTED
  • Rebecca Strong (Independent) 288 votes
  • Caroline Sullivan (UKIP) 278 votes
  • Natasha Thwaites (UKIP) 266 votes
  • Ben Walker (UKIP) 291 votes
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