Bradley Stoke Way Road Safety

Bradley Stoke Way road safety petition launch


A petition, organised by concerned local residents, ran from 10th October 2011 to 10th November 2011. It was subsequently debated at a meeting of South Gloucestershire Council on 14th December 2011 (minutes).

“Bradley Stoke Way is a busy road which runs through the centre of our town. It currently has a speed limit of 40 miles per hour on most of it and dual carriageway on part of it. Located on either side of it are a leisure centre, library, town centre shops, nature reserve, two schools, skate park and a proposed retirement development. It is frequently crossed by pedestrians, particularly young ones, throughout the day and also through the evenings.”

“This year alone, there have been 2 serious accidents involving children crossing Bradley Stoke Way at the unmanned crossings (drop kerb) between the Willow Brook Centre and the nature reserve. Both accidents have resulted in serious life changing injuries.”

Read more: E-petition (signed online by 1,006 people and by more than 3,900 people in total)


Cllr Brian Allinson explained to the 14th December Council meeting that it was planned to take the following actions:

  • To remove both drop kerb crossings and provide a light controlled crossing but as the road is used by a number of buses a speed table would not be suitable.
  • To introduce a bus lane on the north bound carriage way so reducing the general traffic lanes to one in each direction
  • To reduce the speed limit to 30mph through the new crossing.

Cllr Allinson reported that he anticipated that works could start on the new crossing in April/May 2012.


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Bradley Stoke Way road signs near the Willow Brook Centre

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