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Parking easier after surgery brings in disciplinary measures for staff

Posted on Friday 14th March 2014 at 8:52 am by SH (Editor)

Sign displayed in the car park of the Brook Way Activity Centre.

The car parking situation at Bradley Stoke Surgery has improved significantly after staff at the doctors’ practice were told, in January, that it would become a “disciplinary offence” to park on the site, a meeting of Bradley Stoke Town Council’s Planning Committee has heard.

Patients of the surgery had complained that they were finding it impossible to find a parking space and many expressed frustration that the town council appeared to be exacerbating the situation by actively discouraging use of the parking area at the adjacent Brook Way Activity Centre.

The town council wrote to the surgery in December asking that they “look at improving parking for their visitors and remind staff about off-site parking” and, after no reply was received by mid-January, representatives from the surgery were asked to attend the February meeting of the Planning Committee “to discuss parking issues on the Brook Way site”.

Dr Norman Douglas and practice manager Sandra Lloyd duly attended the council meeting, and, asked by committee chair Cllr Tom Aditya to explain their “solutions”, Ms Lloyd explained the new enforcement regime for discouraging staff parking, which she said had resulted in an “adequate” number of spaces being available for patients since it was introduced in January.

Ms Lloyd added that the surgery maintains a list of the registration numbers of vehicles owned by staff and she regularly patrols the car park to ensure that none of those are present.

Of the 25 spaces owned by the surgery, two are reserved for on-call doctors, one for a midwife and another for pharmacy staff, which should leave 21 available for patients. However a further two spaces are currently being used by staff who are “incapacitated” (one is pregnant and the other recovering from an operation).

Ms Lloyd reported that spaces for patients had been available on every occasion she had inspected the car park since the new policy was introduced. Dr Douglas added that there are now always spaces available when he arrives at the surgery at 8.15am, whereas previously the car park was often full at that time.

Asked by one councillor where the bulk of the surgery’s staff are now parking their vehicles, Ms Lloyd replied: “Anywhere legal”.

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Council may paint double yellow lines at Brook Way doctors’ surgery

Posted on Monday 3rd February 2014 at 9:43 am by SH (Editor)

Chaotic car parking at Bradley Stoke Surgery.

Bradley Stoke Town Council is looking at the possibility of painting double yellow lines along the access drive into the Brook Way Activity Centre and Bradley Stoke Surgery site, to deter inconsiderate parking that could potentially hinder emergency vehicles responding to an incident.

Officers informed January’s meeting of Full Council that the cost of installing the lines would be £270 or £340, depending if they were painted on just one or both sides of the road.

Some councillors were sceptical of the value of the exercise, with Cllr Roger Avenin commenting that yellow line parking restrictions on private property are “unenforceable and so a waste of money” and Cllr Andy Ward saying it would “only move the problem elsewhere”, adding: “We’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t”.

Other councillors, including Tony Griffiths and Paul Hardwick, expressed renewed support for the idea of bringing the unused hard court area at the site into use as a temporary parking area, but the town clerk warned than the cost of doing that might be seen as a waste of taxpayers’ money if the council subsequently decided on another use for the area (a public consultation to gather ideas is currently under way).

The meeting was told that the surgery management has so far failed to respond to a letter sent by the council in December asking that they “look at improving parking for their visitors and remind their staff about off-site parking”.

Cllr Ben Walker observed:

“A private business [the surgery] is ‘playing’ with us at the moment. We have their business manager effectively forcing the council to make decisions.”

Councillors asked the town clerk to invite representatives from the surgery to attend the council’s next Planning Committee meeting on 12th February “to discuss parking issues on the Brook Way site”.

This article originally appeared in the February 2014 edition of the Bradley Stoke Journal magazine, delivered FREE, EVERY MONTH, to 9,250 homes in Bradley Stoke and Little Stoke.

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Surgery visitors frustrated by town council’s parking restrictions

Posted on Friday 10th January 2014 at 7:30 am by SH (Editor)

Chaotic car parking at Bradley Stoke Surgery.

Bradley Stoke Town Council is to write to the owners of Bradley Stoke Surgery asking them “to look at ways of improving parking for their visitors and remind their staff about off-site parking”.

The move comes after the issue of inadequate car parking provision at the Brook Way site, which the surgery shares with a council-run community centre, was once again raised by readers of the Bradley Stoke Journal in response to an article about the future of an underused outdoor sports court that occupies a significant part of the site.

The situation came to a head after the town council introduced a policy of chaining off its half of the car park at certain times of the day, in order to ensure that spaces are available to hirers of the community centre, some of whom had complained that they were finding it impossible to park. In justifying the move, council officers also reported that potential long-term hirers had expressed “grave concerns” about the parking situation.

According to data provided to The Journal by the town council, the community centre side of the car park was chained off from before 8am (when the surgery opens) until 10am on 17 weekdays over a four-week period in November and December, with the chain being removed earlier on the other three weekdays. However, the recent installation of a large yellow sign stating that the town council’s side of the car park is “strictly for activity centre users” discourages surgery visitors from using that part of the car park, even when the community centre is closed.

With only 25 parking spaces available on the surgery side of the car park, some of which are used by staff, visitors have been resorting to parking along both sides of the curved access road into the site (off Brook Way) which creates difficulties for vehicles entering and leaving and, by the admission of both the town council and surgery owners, means it would be impossible for a fire engine or ambulance to gain access in an emergency.

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Town council moves to resolve Brook Way car parking issues

Posted on Thursday 21st March 2013 at 10:05 am by SH (Editor)

The car park at Brook Way Activity Centre and Bradley Stoke Surgery.

The number of car parking spaces available to staff and patients at Bradley Stoke Surgery could be significantly reduced after Bradley Stoke Town Council (BSTC) announced it is exploring ways of reserving spaces for users of the adjacent Brook Way Activity Centre.

According to a report presented to this month’s Full Council meeting, 23 of the 48 spaces at the site are nominally allocated to the activity centre but at some times of the day all the spaces are being occupied by staff and patients of the surgery.

Eight spaces on the surgery side were lost when the practice was extended in 2010, but at that time the activity centre was reserved exclusively for use by the Brook Way Youth Club, meaning that there was little demand for car parking from centre users during the day. However, with the youth club having been shut down, the town council has once again been letting out rooms to day time users, leading to pressure on parking provision at the site.

Councillors were told that, on occasions, both sides of the driveway into the car park have also been occupied with cars parked up against the kerbs (and on the grass verges), meaning that only a single flow of traffic is possible in and out of the site.

BSTC officers expressed concern that when both sides of the driveway are being used for parking, an ambulance or other emergency vehicle would not be able to gain access to the site.

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