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Mayor presents end-of-term charity cheques

Posted on Monday 11th June 2018 at 9:56 am by SH (Editor)

Photo of Cllr Andy Ward presenting a charity cheque to Matt Eager, fundraiser and rider for Freewheelers EVS.

The annual general meeting of Bradley Stoke Town Council on 9th May saw outgoing mayor Andy Ward present cheques to his two chosen ‘charities of the year’.

In accordance with the mayor’s wishes declared at the start of his term in office, Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service (commonly known as ‘Blood Bikes’) and Cardiomyopathy UK were awarded equal shares of the amount collected over the year, with each receiving £ 4,381.

The money handed to the groups derives from fundraising events organised by the town council over the past 12 months, principally the Community Festival in June and the firework display in November.

Freewheelers EVS operates a fleet of motorcycles (along with volunteer riders) that provides a free out-of-hours medical courier service to hospitals in the south west. It can be used to transport blood, pathology and microbiology specimens, patients’ notes, x-rays, breast milk, medication and other medical supplies.

Cardiomyopathy UK provides support and information to people affected by the heart muscle disease cardiomyopathy. It works extensively with medical professionals to ensure best practice in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiomyopathy and campaigns for members of affected families to have genetic tests and regular heart checks.

More: Photo of Cardiomyopathy UK cheque presentation »

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Mayor presents end of term charity cheques

Posted on Tuesday 20th June 2017 at 11:43 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of Cllr Elaine Hardwick presenting a mayor's charity cheque to Louise Hill of Heartful Dodgers.

The annual general meeting of Bradley Stoke Town Council on 10th May saw outgoing mayor Elaine Hardwick present cheques to her two chosen ‘charities of the year’.

In accordance with the mayor’s wishes declared at the start of her term in office, Heartful Dodgers and Transplant Sport were awarded equal shares of the amount collected over the year, with each receiving £3,907.

The money handed to the groups derives from fundraising events organised by the town council over the past 12 months, principally the community festival in June and the firework display in November.

Transplant Sport is the largest transplant charity promoting active recovery for transplant patients and increasing awareness of the benefits of organ donation and transplantation. It has been organising events over the last 39 years for transplant recipients and the wider transplant family – this can include donor families and live donors.

The Heartful Dodgers group aims to improve cardiac care in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. It fundraises for the Cardiac Rehabilitation team at Southmead Hospital, enabling it to purchase new equipment and fund courses for the staff.

Photo: Louise Hill, fundraising lead for Heartful Dodgers, receives a cheque from the mayor.

More: Photo of cheque presentation to Transplant Sport »

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Tesco stores in Bradley Stoke to give surplus food to charity

Posted on Thursday 28th July 2016 at 8:44 pm by SH (Editor)

Tesco Community Food Connection.

Tesco and FareShare are calling on charities and community groups in and around Bradley Stoke to register for an exciting new scheme which will see unsold food become meals for vulnerable people in the local area.

As part of its ongoing pledge to cut food waste, Tesco’s Community Food Connection programme delivered in partnership with FareShare FoodCloud, recruits and supports charities and community groups, linking them to Tesco stores via an innovative ‘app’ that allows store teams to alert them to surplus unsold food items available at the end of each day.

The unsold food is free and includes fresh produce, such as fruit, vegetables and bakery products. Chilled products like meat, dairy and ready meals are also offered.

There have been 350,000 meals donated to people in need via Community Food Connection to date, following a successful pilot in 14 stores last year and a national rollout from March this year, that has seen more than 1,000 charities sign up to the scheme so far.

FareShare FoodCloud is the result of a unique three-way partnership bringing the charity, social enterprise and commercial sectors together. FareShare brings its knowledge of the UK charity food redistribution market and its experience of providing food. FoodCloud brings its knowledge of the technology and online applications needed to connect businesses with surplus food. Tesco brings the people and technology required to deliver a reliable and well-managed programme, and is the first retailer to invest in, and roll out, FareShare FoodCloud.

Rachel Finn, head of community food programmes at Tesco said:

“No food that can be eaten should go to waste. We’re really excited to start working on this initiative to ensure that any unsold food we have is made use of. We are looking forward to forging strong links with local charities and community groups in Bradley Stoke, and to use this initiative to support their efforts to help vulnerable people in our community.”

FareShare FoodCloud is the latest step in Tesco’s work with FareShare on the provision of surplus food. The partnership spans over three years and includes activities which make food available from the Tesco supply chain, distribution centres and dotcom centres. This has seen nine million meals made up of surplus food donated to over 2,200 charities and community groups across the UK.

Any charities or community groups in or around Bradley Stoke using food to support people that would like to access the scheme, should register their interest by visiting fareshare-foodcloud

Source: Press release issued on behalf of Tesco

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Vodafone award boost for Scout band project

Posted on Wednesday 25th November 2015 at 10:16 pm by SH (Editor)

Representatives of the 1st Bradley Stoke Scout Group are presented with their Vodafone Community Connection Award at the Vodafone store in Bradley Stoke.

Vodafone and the Bradley Stoke Journal are pleased to announce that the 1st Bradley Stoke Scout Group’s ‘marching band project’ has been selected to receive a £1,000 Vodafone Community Connection Award, following the call for nominations in our September magazine.

Winning the award means the Scout group will be able to begin practice sessions for its own marching band from January next year, with the eventual aim of taking part in the town’s annual Remembrance parade and other community events in Bradley Stoke, such as the community festival and carnival.

Speaking after the winning nomination was chosen, Sophie Merritt, Sales assistant at the Bradley Stoke Vodafone store said:

“We were pleased to receive such a good number of deserving nominations for our local Community Connection award. I’m delighted that the money is going to a project that will benefit the wider community in Bradley Stoke, as well as enabling the Scout group’s members to take part in a new activity.”

The money will be used to purchase drums and trumpets for the new band, which will be coached by Richard Shepherd, a Beaver Scout leader who is a qualified music classroom teacher, and another leader who is also a music teacher.

Katherine Robinson, Beaver Scout leader, commented:

“We’re very grateful to have been selected to receive this award from Vodafone. We were really enthusiastic to start this project, but didn’t have the resources to do it. This money will enable us to finally get the project off the ground.”

The Scouts have already received support from the 37th Kingswood Drum Corps and there are plans for members of that highly successful marching band to mentor some of the novice players in Bradley Stoke.

Vodafone’s Community Connection Awards, launched in 2014, have already made a difference to more than 45 local communities across the UK. Selected by local Vodafone staff and aimed at supporting local causes, the awards have been used to help support everything from new equipment for soup kitchens and day centres for the elderly to helping people with disabilities take part in sporting activities.

Photo: Representatives of the Scout group are presented with the award at the Vodafone store in Bradley Stoke. L-r: Richard Shepherd (assistant Beaver Scout leader), Ajit Deb & Sophie Merritt (Vodafone sales assistants), Joy Harrison (Scout group assistant treasurer) and Katherine Robinson (Beaver Scout leader).

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