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Double setback for Mayor’s food court plan

Posted on Tuesday 6th May 2014 at 8:42 pm by SH (Editor)

The car park at Baileys Court Activity Centre, Bradley Stoke.

Bradley Stoke Mayor Brian Hopkinson’s plan to see multiple food traders in the car parks of the town council’s three community centres suffered a serious setback during April after two key votes went against him.

Cllr Hopkinson has been strongly promoting the idea since it was first raised at the council’s Strategic Planning Meeting last September and it was unanimously supported by the Finance Committee in October 2013, where it was noted that having multiple operators would be “beneficial for the area, offering residents a wider choice of multi-cultural takeaway food facilities within the town, at the same time as offering an extra income stream for the council”.

As reported in the April edition of the Journal magazine, Santiago Pablo, owner of Papas Pizzas, was recently granted a permit by the town council to trade on four evenings a week in the car park of the Brook Way Activity Centre, potentially making him the second operator to trade at that site. However, Mr Pablo subsequently withdrew his application for the necessary street trading licence after learning that he would also have to foot the £385 bill for a ‘change of use’ planning application, arguing that he believed the town council should pay the fee.

When the question of ‘change of use’ planning application charges came before the town council’s Finance Committee last month, Cllr Hopkinson argued that, as it was the council’s agreed policy to allow two traders at each site, it was “hardly fair” to expect new traders to be responsible for acquiring planning permission. “If this goes ahead, we will be getting some good income that will very quickly cover the cost of the planning applications”, he added.

Noting that town councils receive a 50 per cent discount on planning application fees, he urged councillors to underwrite the cost of ‘change of use’ planning applications for all three of the sites, “for less than £600 in total”.

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Setback for council’s controversial multiple food trader plan

Posted on Tuesday 8th April 2014 at 8:06 pm by SH (Editor)

Ozzy's Kebab, Brook Way Activity Centre, Bradley Stoke.

Bradley Stoke Town Council’s plan to allow multiple food traders to operate in the car park of each of its three community centres has suffered a setback after the first trader to apply to South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) for a street trading licence on one of the sites was told that planning permission for a “change of use” would be required.

Last year, Santiago Pablo, owner of Papas Pizzas, was granted a permit by the town council to trade at Brook Way Activity Centre on four evenings a week, making him the second operator allowed to trade at that site.

Mr Pablo subsequently applied to SGC for the necessary street trading licence and his application was due to be considered by the council’s Licensing Sub-Committee on 18th March. However, the hearing was cancelled after the trader withdrew his application.

Mr Pablo told The Journal that he had withdrawn his application because he had been informed by SGC that he would also require planning permission for a “change of use” of the Brook Way site.

Prior to Mr Pablo making his licence application, the town council had concluded, following an exchange of letters with SGC, that because the area of the car park occupied by a street trader “would remain as car parking spaces for 75% of the time, a material change of use would not take place and planning permission would not be required,” although it was stressed that “no final definitive answer” had been given by SGC.

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Anger at decision to allow multiple food traders at council sites

Posted on Thursday 12th December 2013 at 10:09 pm by SH (Editor)

The Jubilee Centre, Bradley Stoke.

A decision by Bradley Stoke Town Council to potentially allow more than one food trader to operate in the car park of each of its three community centres has been criticised by a number of local residents and one of the existing pitch holders.

Currently, there is one trader (Ozzy’s Kebabs) permitted to trade at the Brook Way Activity Centre and another (Papas Pizzas) at the Baileys Court Activity Centre, but the council’s Finance Committee recently agreed that up to two traders should be allowed at each site.

Ozzy’s Kebabs effectively took over the permit previously held by Oasis Foods, although it has yet to start trading pending the fitting out of a new van.

There are currently no traders operating at the Jubilee Centre, where it is understood that a previous application for a street trading licence (from South Gloucestershire Council) was turned down following objections from local residents and representations from the police regarding the history of anti-social behaviour at the site.

The first impact of the council’s new policy is likely to be seen at Brook Way, where Papas Pizzas has successfully applied for a permit to trade on four evenings a week. But that decision has been criticised by Ozay Isitmen, the owner of Ozzy’s Kebabs, who says allowing a second food outlet at the site will affect the viability of his business, once he starts trading. Furthermore, a request by Mr Isitmen that his rent be reduced in view of the presence of a rival business was rejected at November’s meeting of Full Council.

Neighbours of the Jubilee Centre also attended the November council meeting, where they expressed concerns about food traders being allowed at that site. They complained that the council had not honoured a promise made at its September meeting to “undertake consultation with surrounding neighbours [should the proposal be explored in more detail]” and said the decision had been “financially driven”.

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