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[Forum] Missing cat in Bradley Stoke (Palmers Leaze)

Posted on Sunday 20th July 2014 at 8:34 pm by Andrew M (Forum)

Gabby, a cat missing from Palmers Leaze, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

I’m trying my luck and posting on the forum as our cat has gone missing from the Palmers Leaze area, and has been missing for at least three weeks.

Her name is Gabby and she is black and white, predominately black back and white legs, but one of her front legs as a black spot on it. She also has a black chin and nose.

She is microchipped so, please, if you can take her to a vet and have her scanned if you think you see her, this will help immensely.

We’d dearly love to have her come home, and hope that someone might have spotted her in the surrounding area.

You can contact me on 07525 791688.

Andrew M

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[Forum] Missing cat in Bradley Stoke (Ormonds Close)

Posted on Wednesday 11th December 2013 at 7:58 pm by Jen (Forum)

Cat missing from Ormonds Close, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Thomas is a two-year-old Tabby cat who has been missing from Ormonds Close for a week now.

He was last seen on the 1st of December, wearing his red collar that has a name tag on it with a bell.

He is terribly missed, and if you could check garages, sheds and bushes that would be highly appreciated.

If you see him, my number is 07825 836155.

Thank you, Jen

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[Forum] Missing cat in Bradley Stoke (Great Meadow Road)

Posted on Monday 30th September 2013 at 7:29 pm by Vicky (Forum)

Cat missing from Great Meadow Road, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Our cat seems to be either lost, or even stolen, from Great Meadow Road in Bradley Stoke.

She is a light grey cat with white stripes (grey & white tabby). She did have a red collar on with a ID clip with our name and telephone number on it.

She has been missing now for over a month. This is extremely unlike her, as she barely leaves the house.

We believe now she may have been fed by someone who may have assumed she is a stray (if her tag/collar has been lost).

Rowe’s Vets are on standby should anyone see her & which to hand her in.

Her name is Storm. She is approx 4 years old. Will roll over for a tummy rub. Her under belly is white.

Family are missing her like crazy! Please help find her!


Tel: 07588 664474

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[Forum] Missing cat in Bradley Stoke (The Hedgerows)

Posted on Thursday 2nd May 2013 at 12:00 pm by KTyrrell (Forum)

Missing cat: Kiki - last seen in The Hedgerows, Bradley Stoke in 2009. I know this is a long shot but we lost our cat, Kiki,  around four years ago. At the time we lived in Hedgerows, the new builds behind Tesco and we hadn’t been there long when she ran out the front door and didn’t come back.

We hadn’t been there long, so weren’t sure if she couldn’t find her way back to us. We spent weeks looking for her, put up posters and contacted the local vets and council with no luck

I just wanted to know if anyone has taken her in as I saw a cat very similar to her by the Baileys Court pub on Saturday (20th April). She was black with mottled gingery markings, quite small and had three black feet and one light brown. When she ran off she was wearing a silver sparkly collar.

If anyone has any information I would appreciate it if you got in contact so I know she is OK. She was my husband’s first pet and he loved her so much and he’s never really moved on from losing her.


[Ed: Anyone with information can contact The Journal and we’ll forward your message to KTyrrell.]

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