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MetroBus construction: March progress report

Posted on Tuesday 4th April 2017 at 8:31 pm by SH (Editor)

Aerial photo of MetroBus works on Bradley Stoke Way (taken 24th February 2017).

By Jim Aitken, community liaison officer at Alun Griffiths Ltd.

Bradley Stoke Way (BSW)

Now that the works in this area are substantially complete there remain just some small works. Anti-skid surface is to be added in key areas along BSW on the approaches to lights, crossings and roundabouts. This will be done at off-peak times during April, with some traffic management. It should take around two weeks, but is weather dependant.

A38 south of Aztec West

Road box excavation is complete and we are preparing for surfacing. Work is ongoing on the MetroBus stop with kerbing and ducting work, including further service diversions and utility slewing. There will be a temporary pedestrian signal crossing that shall be configured on the A38 crossing to facilitate the remainder of the works. A temporary public footpath is maintained around the works from Aztec West.

South of Patchway Brook

The bus lane along BSW from Patchway Brook will remain coned and closed until legally signed and commissioned, including high-friction surfacing which needs to be placed. Additional permanent speed signage will be added as speed changes from 40mph to 30mph along this route. Road signage installation is partially complete and should be completed within April. Some temporary speed signage is in place until this is completed. Landscaping sub-contractors will be working on the verges.

Ongoing minor works to complete the zebra crossing area and an additional 20m of footway construction is to be undertaken near Aldi, where pedestrians will be diverted into the closed off new bus lane.

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MetroBus project: February progress report

Posted on Friday 10th March 2017 at 10:24 pm by SH (Editor)

The Woodlands Lane junction with Bradley Stoke Way, fully reopened after being closed for 559 days for MetroBus roadworks.

By Jim Aitken, community liaison officer at Alun Griffiths Ltd.

Bradley Stoke Way

On Tuesday 14th February, following just over four weeks of night time surfacing between the Aztec West and Patchway Brook roundabouts, and working jointly with South Gloucestershire Council’s (SGC’s) signalisation team, the traffic lights at the Woodlands Lane and Orchard Gate junctions were commissioned and switched on.

Over the next few months, small works will continue, with some traffic management as necessary to complete signage, guard rails, landscaping and adding an anti-skid surface in certain areas. This work may involve some peak-time lane closures, as and when required.

All pedestrian crossings and footpaths are open, with the exception of the footpath eastbound where Oaktree Crescent meets Bradley Stoke Way, as work continues in this area around to the A38 where, until April/May, we will be completing further MetroBus works including installation of a MetroBus stop. Pedestrians and cyclists can still cross at the Aztec West junction and use the temporary footpath around onto the A38, although it is advisable for cyclists to dismount through this section.

A38 South of Aztec West

Works have commenced from Bradley Stoke Way left around the roundabout onto the southbound A38 Gloucester Road for the MetroBus lane and bus stop. The existing toucan crossing on the A38 will also be re-sited. It is anticipated this will continue into early May due to the numerous utility assets in this area. A temporary footpath is provided outside the works area.

Whilst the bus stop on the southbound A38 is out of use, Griffiths will seek to place a temporary bus stop on Bradley Stoke Way between the Orchard Gate and Woodlands Lane junctions. This is subject to the new bus lane being open, which is at the discretion of SGC.

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MetroBus work at southern end of Bradley Stoke Way to start next week

Posted on Sunday 26th February 2017 at 8:07 pm by SH (Editor)

MetroBus construction work gets under way at the southern end of Bradley Stoke Way, on the southbound approach to Great Stoke Roundabout.

MetroBus contractors Alun Griffiths have announced that they will commence construction of the final stretch of new bus lane on Bradley Stoke Way next week (w/c Monday 27th February). The work area is located at the southern end of Bradley Stoke Way between Great Meadow Roundabout (junction with Baileys Court Road) and Great Stoke (Rabbit) Roundabout.

Vegetation clearance at the site began several weeks ago and some of the work area (opposite the junction with The Worthys) has already been fenced off.

The objective is to widen the carriageway to construct a new southbound bus lane on the eastern verge of the road, starting from a point approximately 300m back from Great Stoke Roundabout.

Full details may be viewed in a plan of the work area [PDF, 1MB].

A Griffiths spokesperson said:

“We anticipate that these works will last for approximately three months. Initially, we need to complete some groundwork, removing topsoil and the embankment. Temporary traffic lights will be required over a period which shall remain intermittent throughout the scheme, with an overall duration not expected to exceed three weeks over the anticipated three-month construction period. These traffic lights will be in operation at off-peak times only.”

“Earthworks will be planned once trial holes have been sunk. The project manager may decide to delay the earthworks until a favourable weather window materialises, in order to minimise issues with mud on the road.”

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Five-way traffic lights to be used for final phase of Bradley Stoke Way resurfacing

Posted on Monday 13th February 2017 at 4:56 pm by SH (Editor)

Overnight resurfacing work on Bradley Stoke Way, as part of the MetroBus project.

MetroBus contractors Alun Griffiths have confirmed plans to complete the resurfacing of Bradley Stoke Way over the first two nights of this week, which will involve the use of five-way traffic lights around Patchway Brook Roundabout (near Aldi).

It is anticipated that traffic control will be active from 8pm each night.

A Griffiths spokesperson said:

“Having now concluded the night-time surfacing along Bradley Stoke Way between the Aztec West and Patchway Brook roundabouts, we shall, over two nights, Monday and Tuesday 13th/14th February, surface the remaining section of Bradley Stoke Way immediately east of Patchway Brook Roundabout. This is approximately a 40-metre stretch. We shall be completing this at night from 8pm until 5am (or sooner) using five-way temporary traffic lights around Patchway Brook Roundabout.”

The aim is to complete one lane on Monday night and the other on Tuesday night.

The spokesperson added:

“We look forward to the commissioning of the main traffic lights at both the Woodlands Lane junction and Orchard Gate by South Gloucestershire Council before the junctions can be made fully functional within our programme before the end of this month.”

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N.B. Any further updates received from the contractors will be appended as comments on this post.

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Woodlands Lane junction set to be fully reopened by end of February

Posted on Thursday 9th February 2017 at 6:25 pm by SH (Editor)

Roadside sign announcing closure of Woodlands Lane for 18 weeks from 2nd September.

MetroBus contractor Alun Griffiths and South Gloucestershire Council say they are on schedule to have the junction of Woodlands Lane with Bradley Stoke Way fully reopened by the end of February, subject to weather conditions allowing resurfacing operations to be completed as planned.

The Woodlands Lane junction was closed to all traffic on 2nd September 2015, for an estimated 18 weeks, but problems with uncharted and incorrectly charted gas and water mains have delayed work in the area. The ‘left turn in’ reopened on 26th February 2016 and the ‘left turn out’ on 31st May 2016, but the critical ‘right turn in’ and ‘right turn out’ movements are currently still unavailable 74 weeks after the original closure.

A series of overnight (8pm to 5am) closures of Bradley Stoke Way for resurfacing work, anticipated to span a period of three to four weeks, began on Wednesday 18th January. Initially, the closures have been ‘westbound only’ between Patchway Brook Roundabout (near Aldi) and the Aztec West Roundabout, but as we went to print we were informed that they were expected to be changed to ‘eastbound only’ from the beginning of February. [For the latest news, see our dedicated MetroBus Build page.]

Further overnight closures of the eastbound carriageway between the Woodlands Lane junction and Patchway Brook Roundabout are expected to be required during the week commencing Monday 6th February. Details of these will be announced on the Bradley Stoke Journal website and on the Alun Griffith’s community website.
A full weekend closure between the Woodlands Lane junction and Patchway Brook Roundabout had previously been on the cards, but this will now only be required if overnight work is disrupted by the weather.

Work on traffic signals at both the Woodland Lane and Orchard Gate junctions will take place over the same period as the resurfacing work.

Overnight works are being carried out between 8pm and 5am (approx.) with a target to complete the most noisy operations by 11pm. However, Griffiths warn that noise levels will still be noticeable throughout the night due to “vibration, warning beepers and moving plant”.

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