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North Bradley Stoke post office branch closes for two-week refit

Posted on Wednesday 7th September 2016 at 8:58 pm by SH (Editor)

Post office at Tesco Express, Bradley Pavilions, Pear Tree Road, Bradley Stoke.

Post Office Limited has announced that the post office branch within the Tesco Express store at Bradley Pavilions, Pear Tree Road is to be modernised into what it calls a ‘main style’ branch.

To allow work to be carried out, the branch will close on Wednesday 7th September at 5.30pm and reopen on Monday 26th September at 1pm. Any unforeseen schedule changes requiring these dates to change will be displayed on posters at the branch.

The upgraded branch will have two serving positions, one screened and one open plan – with the latter being low-level and incorporating a hearing loop.

The current range of products and services will remain available, with the addition of car tax and a wider selection of on-demand travel money.

Opening hours will be extended to 8am to 8pm seven days a week (currently 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday).

During the period of closure, customers are advised that Post Office facilities are provided at the following nearby branches:

  • Little Stoke Post Office, 8 Kingsway, Little Stoke BS34 6JL
  • Patchway Post Office, Spar Store, 126 Rodway Road, Patchway BS34 5PF

The modernisation of Bradley Stoke’s only post office comes three months after a similar upgrade was made to the Ratcliffe Drive post office in Stoke Gifford.

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Residents urged to support town centre post office appeal by attending Council meeting

Posted on Monday 22nd October 2012 at 6:50 am by SH (Editor)

Post office at Bradley Pavillions, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Residents of Bradley Stoke who would like to see a post office open at the Willow Brook Centre are being urged to show their support at a Council meeting this week.

The Post Office’s South West Senior Stakeholder Manager, Laura Tarling, is due to address a meeting of the Town Council’s Planning Committee at the Jubilee Centre on Wednesday evening (24th October), starting at 7:30pm.

A public consultation carried out by the Council in 2011 demonstrated strong demand for a larger post office in the town, with a clear majority asking for this to be provided at the Willow Brook Centre.

Many respondents were critical of the limited facilities and long queuing times at the town’s only current post office within the Tesco Express store on Pear Tree Road.

Managers at Post Office Ltd have so far rejected calls for a larger post office in Bradley Stoke, saying they believe the present facility is adequate and claiming that an additional branch at the Willow Brook Centre would harm the viability of post offices in neighbouring areas.

Tesco has said it doesn’t wish to close the Pear Tree Road post office because it is “incredibly popular”. It says it would have no objection to the Post Office opening an additional branch at the Willow Brook Centre but claims there is no space to accommodate it within the Tesco Extra store there.

Ms Tarling agreed to address this week’s meeting after Councillors attending the Planning Committee meeting in July expressed disappointment at the latest negative response from the Post Office.

In an open letter to The Journal, Committee member Cllr Tom Aditya urges residents to attend Wednesday’s meeting in order to demonstrate the high level of community support for a larger post office.

Cllr Aditya writes:

“Commercial businesses, such as the Post Office, should respect the wishes of the community and work with the community. This is a community issue and the town needs the support of all its residents. Let us come together and make our appeal for a fully-fledged post office more meaningful.”

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Post Office still against opening in town centre

Posted on Friday 3rd August 2012 at 10:29 am by SH (Editor)

Post office at Bradley Pavillions, Bradley Stoke, Bristol

A  senior Post Office manager has reiterated the organisation’s stance that opening a branch at the Willow Brook Centre would affect the viability of other post offices in the area.

The news was revealed at last week’s meeting of the Town Council’s Planning Committee, where the content of a letter from Tony Jones, Post Office Regional Network Manager (Wales & the West), was discussed.

Mr Jones was responding to Cllr Ben Walker, who had written to the Post Office in January following its “disappointing” initial response to the results of a public consultation held by the Town Council from August to October 2011.

More than 90% of people responding to the consultation called for a larger post office in Bradley Stoke, with three-quarters expressing a preference for a post office to be provided at the Willow Brook Centre.

Currently, the town’s only post office is located in north Bradley Stoke, within the Tesco Express store at Bradley Pavilions, Pear Tree Road. Users of that facility have complained about its non-central location, insufficient range of services, long queuing times and poor car parking.

In the latest letter, the Post Office says it has looked in detail at the service provided at the Pear Tree Road post office and concluded that:

“whilst it is a busy and vibrant branch, the current number of counter positions is sufficient to meet their customer footfall.”

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Royal Mail says “no” to new post office for Bradley Stoke

Posted on Friday 30th December 2011 at 3:29 pm by SH (Editor)

Post office at Bradley Pavillions, Bradley Stoke, Bristol

Bradley Stoke Town Council has been told by Royal Mail that it has no plans to provide a larger post office in the town.

The news, revealed during public questions at a recent Council committee meeting, will come as a disappointment to the vast majority of the 273 people who responded to a recent Council consultation to assess demand for better post office facilities in Bradley Stoke.

The survey, conducted between August and October this year, saw 92.7% of respondents express the view that there is a need for a larger post office in Bradley Stoke, with 76.6% specifically calling for a post office to be provided at the Willow Brook Centre.

The results of the consultation were sent to the Royal Mail, Tesco, the Willow Brook Centre and the local MP.

Speaking at this month’s meeting of the Leisure, Youth & Amenities Committee, Town Clerk Sharon Petela said a response had now been received from someone “high up” in Royal Mail.

According to Mrs Petela, who said she didn’t have the letter to hand as she was planning to reveal its content at the next Full Council meeting in January, the response could be summed up as: “nothing’s going to happen”.

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