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Fruits of community art project installed at new skate park

Posted on Thursday 18th May 2017 at 9:47 pm by SH (Editor)

Photo of a community art panel being installed at Bradley Stoke Skate Park.

Two enormous street art murals recently installed at the new skate park in the grounds of Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre have been attracting the attention of passers-by and visitors to the park.

The installation marks the completion of a community art project which involved over 30 children and young people and was part-funded by a community grant award from South Gloucestershire Council.

The project started during the October half-term with local children and young people working with two experienced mural and graffiti artists (Tom Sledmore and Jack Tierney from The Paintsmiths in Bristol), alongside Graham Baker, Bradley Stoke Town Council’s youth development worker.

An initial half-day workshop based at the skate park comprised an introduction to mural and graffiti art, including an extremely popular ‘have a go’ session. Over twenty young people participated and many proudly took home their own artworks on small 4’ x 2’ boards.

On Saturday 28th January, there was a further street art project session, this time focusing on the designs for the two large pieces. The two artists worked with the young people and some exciting designs started to take shape. The designs were then shared and discussed more widely in youth work sessions and further suggestions made.

A final design session took place at the skate park on a late afternoon in mid-March and was immediately followed by what Graham describes as “a whole and extremely long weekend of painting”. More than ten young people worked with Graham and the two experienced artists, in accordance with the previously agreed designs, to produce two large and impressive pieces of art, both 10 metres wide by 2.5 metres high.

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Spectacular volunteering effort at new skate park

Posted on Wednesday 30th November 2016 at 7:00 pm by SH (Editor)

Volunteering day at the new Bradley Stoke skate park.

On Thursday 29th September, there was a large scale ‘volunteering day’ at the new skate park. More than 60 volunteers participated, including 45 local volunteers, several people from the Three Brooks Nature Conservation Group and Green Gym, local young people (who also demonstrated some BMX skills during the lunch break) and Bradley Stoke Town Council (BSTC) staff. In addition, the leisure centre contractors were “amazingly helpful”, providing some tools, advice and storage.

The volunteering day originated from BSTC (who built and run the skate park) expressing an interest in an ‘offer’ publicised through the local volunteering centre. The proposal by BSTC was to improve the landscaping of the new skate park, along with some of the adjoining nature reserve and leisure centre grounds. Many months of coordination, organisation and preparation followed with the town council’s youth development & participation worker Graham Baker liaising closely with a core group of local volunteers.

In addition to all the people involved, 2.5 tonnes of timber was delivered and many bulbs for planting acquired. It was also necessary to source a significant number of tools to help with all the tasks, these being mainly provided by Green Gym and the town council.

Two days of work were also put in ahead of the main event to prepare and cut the timber ready for Ikea-style assembly.

Achievements on the main volunteering day significantly advanced the landscaping of the new park at minimal cost. By the end of the day, five long chunky picnic benches were constructed, along with five 1m-cubed planters, made out of railway sleepers, with benches in between.

In addition, cutting back of brambles and clearance of ditches surrounding the skate park and on the adjoining nature reserve was undertaken, with the welcome assistance of Green Gym. Lots of spring bulbs were planted and a number of previously prepared tree pits were weeded.

Finally, there was a general clear up, raking and some litter picking. Everything that had been planned was achieved and it was generally acknowledged as an impressive and rewarding effort by all involved.

More; The next stage will be to plant 13 trees in late November »

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New skate park officially opened

Posted on Friday 6th May 2016 at 10:40 pm by SH (Editor)

Official opening of the new Bradley Stoke skate park by Mayor Roger Avenin.

Bradley Stoke’s new skate park was officially opened by Mayor Roger Avenin on Saturday 23rd April.

The new concrete park, in the grounds of Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre, was commissioned by the town council at a cost now approaching £300,000. It is a replacement for a much smaller skate park on the same site that had reached the end of its life and was proving costly to maintain.

Following a brief ribbon cutting ceremony, a four hour programme of entertainment got under way, with BMX, scooter and skateboard demonstrations by expert riders, ‘jams’ and free sessions (where everyone could ride the park).

Further entertainment was provided around the newly-installed converted shipping container, which can be used as a social space when a youth worker is present at the park.

Addressing a recent meeting of the town council, youth development and participation worker Graham Baker reported:

“Since opening, we have received a significant number of compliments about the design of the park, including feedback from skate park designers who work for other companies. It seems that the design has fulfilled our key criteria of being appealing to all skate park disciplines, accessible to beginners and challenging for experienced riders. The park is proving to be a busy and extremely popular resource used by a wide age range.”

A minor problem of grit blowing into the park when it is very windy has been experienced, but it is hoped that this issue will lessen as the surrounding landscaping evolves. Several young people/users have been provided with a range of cleaning materials, brooms, squeegees, etc. and regularly clean the park.

Mr Baker added that he is hoping to form a “friends of” skate park group involving young people, council officers, councillors and other interested people.

More photos from the official opening event »

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Programme for Saturday’s official skate park opening event

Posted on Friday 22nd April 2016 at 4:17 pm by SH (Editor)

New skate park official opening event.

Bradley Stoke Town Council has issued an approximate running order for its ‘new skate park official opening’ event, which takes place tomorrow (Saturday 23rd April):

  • 10.00am to 1.00pm – Prep for event
  • 1.00pm to 1.15pm – Official opening/ribbon cutting ceremony and speeches
  • 1.15pm to 1.45pm – ‘Free session’ (everyone can use the park)
  • 1.45pm to 2.30pm – Scooter demo and jam
  • 2.30pm to 3.15pm – Demos plus skateboard and BMX jam (split between disciplines)
  • 3.15pm to 3.45pm – ‘Free session’ (everyone can use the park)
  • 3.45pm to 4.30pm – Demos plus skateboard and BMX jam (split between disciplines)
  • 4.30pm onwards – Free session, thanks, product toss

The new skate park is located in the grounds of Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre, BS32 9BS.

More information: Bradley Stoke Skatepark on Facebook

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